Review: La Susana – José Ignacio

La Susana - José Ignacio

Ah, summertime. If you’re stuck in Buenos Aires it usually means sweating in places you never thought possible, praying the power doesn’t go out on the hottest day of the year, and taking at least six cold showers a day.

For those lucky enough to make their way across the River Plate to the bucolic Eden that is Uruguay, however, verano takes on a completely different connotation. Splashing through turquoise waves, complying with the tacit “All White Linen, All the Time” dress code, and eating seafood at every meal are just part of the glorious package. If you can filter out the annoying bits (Argentine dads that are 40+ but refuse to wear anything that isn’t a graphic t-shirt with jean shorts and Converse All-Stars, for example), you’ll soon come to the conclusion that la vida es mejor en el EsteContinue reading


Food Porn Friday

The first Food Porn Friday of 2013 – kind of a big deal. Big shoes to fill, lots of expectation for the 51 weeks that remain. Yikes. So what better way to kick things off than with one of the greatest things you could ever eat in your life? Thankfully it’s something I was able to scarf down just last week when I was in Mendoza visiting Chef Mun‘s new digs at Casarena Bodega. Mun and Cary hosted an incredible surprise dinner for my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary. My only demand? That the spicy tuna on crispy rice make an appearance. I swear it’s made with crack. Thanks again for a most memorable meal! (*more to come on what was definitely one of the greatest dinners of my life, get ready)


… Anyone There?

Hey everyone.
Remember me?

After more than a month of quasi-hibernation, I have resurfaced. I hope you missed me, because I missed you. A lot. So much that I ate my feelings and got a jump start on those extra holiday kilos. But I won’t put you on a guilt trip or anything.

Anyway – Where the balls have I been? The short answer is, I got a dog. I know, but have you ever had to take care of a 22kg semi-wild animal? Whoa. That will drain your energy resources. So this post has been a long time coming – Just wanted to drop a little line pre-Fiestas and the like.

I haven’t stopped my eating fest, of course. In fact, I have been on a roll. Some highlights – the Festival de la India at the Sheraton back in November:
Then I hopped across the River Plate to take refuge in Punta del Este:
La Huella We also had an amazing, delicious, insane dinner at The Hidden Kitchen which nearly left me unconscious for days. Soon I am off to Mendoza for four days of drunken gluttony with my family, who haven’t been to Argentina for more than two years.

Wishing you all the best this holiday season (especially those that celebrate Festivus), lots of food comas and fat panzas for everyone!

Festivus for the Rest of us


Food Porn Friday

Today is a very special day, everyone. Not only is it the first day of Spring (take that, northern hemisphere!), but it is also the birthday of my beloved Josey. José puts up with my dragging him all over town in pursuit of satisfying all of my culinary cravings and probably has the sweetest tooth of all the Argentines I know (and if you know Argentines, you don’t underestimate their need for sugar). So today’s post will be in honor of the birthday boy with his most favorite local dessert, torta rogel. Layers of dulce de leche topped with nice heavenly merengue: Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you …

Eats & Treats in the US of A

As you can probably assume, my trips (regardless of destination) are always closely linked to food and what I’ll be eating – and where – upon my arrival. So I thought I’d cook up a little shortlist of my favorites (new and not so new) from both the Washington, DC area (my hometown) and San Francisco (as P’Trique would say, ob-sessed). It’s not as complete as it should be, but perhaps I’ll do a second installment if you so desire. *Photos posted below are not mine – rather than take snapshots of each meal I decided to leave the DSLR at home. Bad blogger! Sorry ’bout that folks.


Washington, DC
For those that think DC is just tourist buses and politicians in brown suits, you are nuts. Over the past several years the culinary scene has basically exploded and new spots are reminding us of the old classics that perhaps didn’t get the attention they deserved in the past. I love heading home for a visit, knowing I’ll be eating well no matter where I am in town.

Rasika – Indian with a gourmet, modern twist. Great cocktails, amazing atmosphere.
Zaytinya – One of the many gems of Chef José Andrés. Incredible Mediterranean dishes.
Nora – America’s 1st certified organic restaurant. Cozy, romantic, creative.
Patisserie Poupon – My go-to Upper Georgetown spot for an almond croissant.
Oyamel – José Andrés goes Mexican with this Penn Quarter hot spot.
Cork – Effortlessly hip wine bar and small plates restaurant on 14th street.
Crisp & Juicy – Arlington, VA’s favorite Peruvian chicken spot.
Baked & Wired – My favorite place for a huge cupcake and a cup of coffee.
Brasserie Beck – Stuff your face with mussels and other Belgian goodies.
Eastern Market – Farmer’s market heaven. Head inside to the breakfast counter.
*Special mention to the no-name taco truck that parks in the grocery store parking lot in South Arlington that literally has blown my mind with how amazing its food is.

Pictured above: Restaurant Nora, Oyamel, Cork, Baked & Wired

San Francisco / Sausalito / Sonoma
I was only in SF for 4 days, but every bite I ate was better than the last. Seriously I’d move out there just for the food if I could. So much variety! So many local market offerings! Farmer’s Markets! Organic things! It was like food porn heaven on crack, times infinity. I pine to return with empty suitcases so I can fill them with food and goodies.

Ferry Building – Anything and everything available here.
Out the Door – Chic Vietnamese bites in a sleek setting.
Dosa – Indian food that will blow your mind.
Bi-Rite – Obligatory ice cream stop, do it now.
Bar Bocce – Perfect for a sunny Sausalito lunch on the marina.
The Girl & the Fig – French classics with a country twist.
Blue Bottle Coffee – Erases my memories of burnt BA coffee nightmares.
Tartine – Buttery pastries, hello there.
Ft. Mason Farmer’s Market – Free samples + food stands (tacos, German sausages)

Pictured above: Ferry Building Marketplace, Dosa, Bar Bocce, the Girl & the Fig