Monday Mashup

Because who doesn't love a bunch of French bulldogs?

Happy Cyber Monday everyone! (Wanna cyber? Okthanksbye) I’ll be back in Buenos Aires at the end of the week which is exciting, although that means I’ve been distracted getting lots of things done before I have to head back to Crazytown.

In lieu of an Argie Chefs post today, let’s just throw everything together into a random post filled with goodies (much like I’ve been doing with Thanksgiving leftovers – everything in a bowl, into the microwave, and bam! lunch/breakfast/snack is served).

First up: Two Thanksgiving related posts. I know, I know. Thanksgiving is OVER. Too bad. We’re reliving it, people. Planeta Joy did a play-by-play of dinner at Magdalena’s Party & Pick Up the Fork helped you have a Porteño Thanksgiving.

2nd: Casa Mun has big plans for the new year. They’ll be moving from their original space into a new, posh Soho spot to be shared with Anuva wines. They posted this photo on Facebook to make us all excited and tingly as we await February 2012. Congratulations!



Tercero: A nice post from Sorrel “Where’s the F-in Fish?” – she chats with English chef Ian Wood – about the difficulty in finding certain food/drink items in the Arg. We can all relate.

Fourth: Andrew Zimmern came to Buenos Aires to film Bizarre Foods? Who woulda thought? I guess eating cow brains and intestines is pretty bizarre. Here’s the link to the YouTube videos. I still find him incredibly annoying. He wears socks with sandals, mmk?

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Food Porn Friday

Ok, so if you aren’t still rolling around with your pants unbuttoned after a Thanksgiving Feast yesterday, Happy Food Porn Friday! Hopefully we all fulfilled our caloric intake worthy of about 4 days of eating, and today we’re left to eat turkey sandwiches and slices of cold pumpkin pie. It was my first Thanksgiving home in 5 years, so I really savored every little bit and was happily stuffed on the couch by 6:30 PM in a semi food-coma.

Despite all this, I firmly believe in moving onward and upward and getting back into the routine the day after. So without further ado, Food Porn Friday today features some delicious, rich, creamy dal. Indian food, of course!

Photo Credit: Food Porn Daily

Last Minute Thanksgiving Inspiration

Hey-o everyone! Hopefully you are gearing up for Thanksgiving, whether you’re freezing in the Northeast US or sweating you face into your gravy down in Buenos Aires. It’s nice and gray here in DC (not to mention dark at 5 PM – serious mindfuck there) and I’ve been expanding my stomach all week in preparation.

Here are some fun/random videos from around the interwebz that will help you get in the Thanksgiving spirit: Anthony Bourdain, Bad-ass Aunt Marie, and Wednesday Addams (but of course). Have a great Thanksgiving!



Argie Chefs: José Andrés

Since I’m in the US I thought I would break the mold a bit today and feature a non-Argie chef. José Andrés has been one of the most effective and popular voices of a movement to change the ways American view and treat food. Originally from Spain, Andrés trained under Ferran Adriá (who actually had fired him before) and has since launched a career that has included TV shows, books, numerous awards and a ton of restaurants. Most recently he was named “Outstanding Chef” of 2011 by the James Beard Foundation.

A passionate innovator, Andrés conveys this energy and love for food in all of his endeavors. Something I think is particularly awesome is his involvement with the DC Central Kitchen and other hunger-related causes. Just this past week farmers’ market patrons were invited to donate Thanksgiving-related food items for local food pantries and shelters. Those who participated were entitled to goodies from his tapas restaurant Jaleo.

His relocation to the US led him to introduce the American palate to authentic Spanish food and flavors. Jaleo was in fact the first tapas restaurant that was both commercially and critically lauded across the country. Since then, he has transformed the kitchen at Café Atlántico, opened up Mediterranean-inspired Zaytinya and Mexican spot Oyamel. minibar by josé andrés (tucked inside Café Atlántico) brought a bit of the culinary revolution to the DC food scene.

The food at all of his restaurants is to die for. I could eat at Zaytinya until I’m blue in the face, the menu at Jaleo makes you feel as though you’re in Barcelona, and the cocktails at Oyamel are nuts. If you’re in DC make sure to stop at one/all of them.

His fan base is huge, thanks in part to his insane Twitter account and close friendship with other “celebrity” chefs like Anthony Bourdain (who I obviously worship and drool over). He’s really got a knack for getting involved with his supporters in unique ways, and has also garnered a lot of critical acclaim for what he does, inside the kitchen or out.

He even has TV shows: Made in Spain (on PBS, with an accompanying cookbook), Vamos a Cocinar (Spanish TVE) and has been on No Reservations several times as well.

José Andrés is an enthusiastic culinary ambassador who has brought a love of Spanish cuisine to the US and who has revolutionized the DC food scene. On top of creating amazing food, his dedication to important issues like food security, nutrition and hunger have resulted in some serious good deeds being done. As a DC native I feel proud that someone has managed to make my city cool again and who is also tackling the tough questions and issues that are making America a complicated place to live as well.

For more info check out ThinkFoodGroup, DC Central Kitchen, and this random article.

Photo Credit: Delish, Northern Virginia Magazine, The Washington Post