Food Porn Friday

Today I am actually going to thank God that it’s Friday. Whew. Girl needs a Xanax and a massage right about now. Why don’t we just eat our feelings? Something nice and comforting, gooey and delicious, sweet and savory, that will make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside? I’ve got just the thing. Peanut butter pancakes with banana and peanut, all drenched in maple syrup. I think I’ll be serving myself seconds … and thirds. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Photo Credit: Liv Life via Food Porn Daily

La Panza Porteña on Facebook

La Panza Porteña is coming up on its 1st birthday, so what better gift than to start a Facebook page? (If you don’t follow that rational line of thought, I seriously question your judgment)

I know you all need more things to look at while you’re playing around on Facebook at work/home/in the bathroom, so please do me a favor and head on over and give me a big “Me Gusta” next time you get the chance. Pretty please, por favor, s’il vous plait? I promise I will be your best pal if you do.

Posts, photos, links and other bits will be published there regularly. If you’re in the mood for more varied gourmet inspiration, head on over to Tumblr and check me out there.

See you around the internetz!

Food Porn Friday

Today is a very special day, everyone. Not only is it the first day of Spring (take that, northern hemisphere!), but it is also the birthday of my beloved Josey. José puts up with my dragging him all over town in pursuit of satisfying all of my culinary cravings and probably has the sweetest tooth of all the Argentines I know (and if you know Argentines, you don’t underestimate their need for sugar). So today’s post will be in honor of the birthday boy with his most favorite local dessert, torta rogel. Layers of dulce de leche topped with nice heavenly merengue: Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you …

Happy National Cheeseburger Day!

To my fellow Amuricans and/or cheeseburger lovers, I hope you get a chance to celebrate this monumental day by shoveling a huge burger into your face. Whether it’s gourmet and covered in maple bacon, bleu cheese, and drizzled with truffle oil (? is that even a thing? Probably.) or more traditional and smothered in bright orange cheddar, I hope you enjoy it. Especially in the land of the Barfy “patty” which makes McDonald’s meat look organic and 100% natural – you can appreciate the power of a delicious burger. I’ll be dreaming of Five Guys today – DC, I miss you.

Photo Credit: TDHurst

Food Porn Friday

Hi there once again, everyone. If you live in BA – and are into that sort of thing – I hope you had a great time banging your pots and pans last night in Plaza de Mayo. Let’s hope that some real change can be brought about around these parts. I’m going to keep it simple and to the point. Today I am craving cheese. High-quality, stinky, gooey, delicious cheese. Preferably with a little bit of baguette and maybe some figs on the side, but I won’t get picky. What do you have planned for this weekend? Hopefully we’ll cross paths at the BA Underground Market – I’ll be the one stuffing my face in the corner.

Photo Credit: Tumblr