Food Porn Friday

Hi there friends. Nice little Friday, huh? It’s been a monumental week to say the least – US Presidential Elections, a city-wide blackout that left millions of Porteños in the lurch, the massive cacerolazo that filled not only Buenos Aires but dozens of cities in the rest of the country (and the world) … and today’s insane downpour that left us all under water before we knew what hit us. So let’s stay in, get cozy, and curl up with some comfort food after all that action, shall we? How does a duo of delicious breakfast sandwiches* sound? Great, meet you on the couch.

Photo Credit: Food Porn Daily

*Said delicious breakfast sandwiches can also be purchased at Baking BA (weekdays) downtown at Suipacha 747 (esq. Córdoba). Mmmmmmmm…..


Food Porn Friday

Hi there everyone! Happy Friday, glorious Friday. It’s been a good week, and I am ready for the weekend and some sunshine. However I am really just having a massive pity party for myself since I missed GAJO’s big dinner at Hernán Gipponi and all I want is so be in the garden at the Fierro with a cool cocktail and some delicious food. Let’s drool over this amazing magret de pato and soak in the moment. Bon weekend!

Photo Credit: Hernán Gipponi

Review: Experiencia Fin del Mundo

I’ve spent a lot of my time in Buenos Aires driving through Palermo Soho and Hollywood looking for parking spaces. As I circle the blocks, praying to some nonexistent god for a spot to open up, I’ve seen a lot of restaurants. Many come and go, some look more enticing than others, and several places are placed on my mental list for future eating. Continue reading