Food Porn Friday

It’s almost April. Scary. But it’s also cool because April is the month of feriados here in Argentina. Woo-hoo! Too bad I’m poor and can’t afford to go anywhere. Luckily I was able to partake in a cooking class with Dan from Casa SaltShaker, “Squid + Octopus three ways.” We made a baby octopus confit, incredible non-breaded calamari (so much better than what restaurants usually serve) and baked squid that was out of this world. I died. Here is the photo of our creation. You can wipe the drool off now.

Top 5 Cold-Weather Spots

Welp, it’s officially autumn here in Buenos Aires. Anytime the temperature dips below 68 degrees, the boots, wool coats, scarves and other winter accessories magically make their way to the streets. Now that we’ve got hibernation on the brain, where should you go when you want to cozy up on a chilly day for a delicious meal?


Pura Tierra

I used to live in Belgrano and loved having Pura Tierra so close to my apartment. They serve gourmet regional cuisine, so imagine lots of dark woods, exposed brick, and low lighting. You’ll fill up on braised bondiola with honey-glazed apples, grilled llama, homemade pastas and delicious Argentine cheeses. This is an experience for the senses. Perfect for when you need to stay warm and dive into some impeccable regional food.

3 de Febrero 1167 – Belgrano – 4899-2007


Ok, I can’t not sneak in an Indian restaurant. But what’s better for warming up than a piping hot and spicy curry? Come on. Vrindavan isn’t new, per se, but it’s my newest favorite for its killer vindaloo and amazing discounts (40% with Club La Nación on Tuesdays). It’s located downtown, so you can sneak away from the office and dive in to rich kormas, fluffy basmati rice, and tons of other dishes that will rival what you’re used to back home. Service could be better, but you’ll be too busy drooling over your Chicken Tikka Masala that it won’t really matter.

Tucumán 874 – Downtown – 4328-9252


When in doubt, warm up with vodka. Or something like that. Olsen is ideal for a Saturday brunch/lunch out in the garden – they’ll bring you blankets to stay warm – or snagging a seat next to the fireplace for dinner. You’ll feel right at home among the clean Scandinavian lines (oh how I miss Ikea, natch) and the illuminated bar. And the vodka. Don’t forget the vodka.

Gorriti 5870 – Palermo Hollywood – 4776-7677

Sette Bacco

Usually when the cold weather hits, I up my pasta intake by about 300% No shame here. It’s like my body flips out without a steady diet of carbs. I love Sette Bacco since it’s completely unassuming on a side street in Recoleta but insanely beautiful at the same time. A repurposed old family home, Sette Bacco serves up melt-in-your-mouth pastas, risottos, and meat dishes. Order that grilled molleja salad to start, it’s heaven on a plate. Tables are tucked into every nook, so don’t be scared to ask to see what’s available upstairs. It’s perfect for a homecooked meal when you don’t want to do any of the cooking.

Agüero 2157 – Barrio Norte/Recoleta – 4808-0021

HG – Hernán Gipponi at the Fierro Hotel

This might be a no-brainer, because all I want to do on a gray Sunday afternoon is spend three hours eating the most amazeballs gourmet brunchy bites available in Buenos Aires. What’s nice is that it’s reservation only (you’ll probably know half of the people there), and the dining room takes on this personal feel that makes it easier to brave the windchill once you leave. Get ready for inventive eggs, exotic fruits, and more taste explosions. Book a table next to the window and pretend you’re outside, when we all know you have 2 pairs of socks and three t-shirts on.

Soler 5862 – Palermo Hollywood – 3220-6800

Photo Credit: Guía Oleo, Groupon, Panoramio, Sette Bacco, yours truly

Food Porn Friday

Fall is finally here in Buenos Aires, and everyone seems to be invigorated by the crisp air. We’re no longer forced to sweat like pigs (just me? ok) before mid-day, and it’s such a relief to breathe easy. As such, I’m planning some autumnal dishes that make me want to curl up and hibernate. So let’s start with the classic of all classics. Tomato soup and grilled cheese. Better known as, my childhood.

Photo Credit: The F-Word

Weekend Getaway – Punta del Este

This year, 1 in 3 days are either holidays or weekends here in Argentina. Oh Cristina, you know how to pull at the voting strings of your electorate – give them insane amounts of time off! Oui. Next month there are three long weekends alone (I love April) – how do you plan to take advantage? Pack those bags and head east – Punta del Este in the off-season is a dream. Continue reading