Review: Oviedo

I’m officially entering my period of Seasonal Affective Disoder (aptly known as SAD) due to this extended stretch of gray, foggy days. My body senses this change of seasons and is prepping for hibernation mode, aka, I am eating everything in sight. Last week we went to Oviedo in Barrio Norte, a restaurant I’ve had my eye on since I first got here in 2007 and that is almost universally accepted as one of the best restaurants in BA. Continue reading


BA Underground Market – Sneak Peek

On June 9th, the Argentina Independent local newspaper will be hosting the first ever Underground Market here in Buenos Aires. Adapted from the original that began in San Francisco, it is a space for both locals and expats who have been blessed with gastronomic talent (but perhaps lack a storefront or large-scale operation) to introduce their goodies to the world and sell their delicious bites. There will be something for everyone: homemade desserts for those with a serious sweet tooth, pickles that would be a perfect addition to any picada, hot sauces, jams, homemade breads, South African beef jerky, and perhaps the best goat cheese of all time.

Last week I was lucky enough to head over to meet some of the vendors, taste-test their products, and take a few snaps. I was in heaven! To be honest I was floored by the quality and variety of what was available – not to mention a bit envious of everyone’s culinary skills. It was an awesome preview of what’s to come on June 9th at La Fábrica in Almagro. Keep reading for some sneak peek snapshots of what to expect at the BA Underground Market … you’d be a fool to miss it! Continue reading

Food Porn Friday

I realize that the day is almost over (when the sun sets at 6pm, the day is “almost over” at 4:30, ok?) but I have been enjoying this holiday for all its worth. In reality this translates to wearing sweatpants, cooking up some delicious food, and watching trashy television. But I managed to pick myself up off that insanely cozy spot on the couch just for you. After last week’s Underground Market tasting (teaser post forthcoming, oui), I’ve had a serious hankering for goat cheese. This is how I’d want it served to me today, in a perfect world. Served over an arugula salad with oven roasted beets and some blood orange. Complex flavors and textures and balls-out delicious. Happy Friday!

Photo Credit: Saroj Singh

25 de Mayo in Buenos Aires

As I’ve said many times before, Argentina loves a good feriado. Who wouldn’t? I am all for long weekends, especially when everyone else ditches town and leaves me in peace (I’m a bit of an urban misanthrope).

May 25th – 25 de Mayobig day for Argentine patriotism. With the onset of this chilly fall weather (which has been giving us the run-around for the past month, it seems), it’s the perfect excuse to tuck in to some of the regional dishes that have become iconic over the last two centuries. Thick stews, flaky empanadas, nice greasy chorizo … all in the name of the Republic!

Many restaurants around town will be serving up special menus to cater to this lovely little holiday. Here’s where you should be heading if you’ve got brotherhood on the brain.

La Cocina – Av. Pueyrredón 1508 – Barrio Norte – Ok, so they won’t be serving anything different, per se, since this little hole in the wall that serves empanadas catamarqueñas has always been cranking out some of the best emps and spicy locro known to man. Put on your sweater and scarf, head out to La Cocina and order a piping hot bowl of the maize stew that will surely stick to your ribs for the rest of the day (be sure to ask for the extra spicy sauce on top). The empanadas, while not budget-friendly, will literally blow your mind. Stuff your face with the picachu (spicy cheese and sweet onions) and wash it all down with a glass of house wine. Done.

Bengal at Casa Sur – Av. Callao 1823 – Recoleta – Make a reservation and get ready for some typical Argie delights. Bengal will be serving a set menu of little choripan, beef empanadas, locro or vacío, and the classic pastelitos rellenos with membrillo (quince). Price is AR$180/person, includes water, wine, and coffee/tea. Call 4515-0085 for reservations.

Hernán Gipponi at the Fierro Hotel – Soler 5862 – Palermo Hollywood – Enjoy your day off from work (or just any old day if you’re one of those lucky people) and head over to HG for brunch on the 25th. For AR$120/person you will be treated to an incredible nine-course meal that will serve as a culinary lesson in national pride. Check out the full menu to get the drool rolling. For reservations call 3220-6820.

Pagano Club Social – Barrio Norte – One of the more popular (yet low profile) puertas cerradas is hosting a bargain of a dinner on May 24 (ojo, a day early!) at their incredible house tucked away near the ACA motor club. For just AR$70 you’ll nosh on some emps, locro, and even the special postre vigilante, all at shared tables where you’re guaranteed to make some new pals and never want to leave. For reservations call 15-6688-1919.

Guía Oleo has listed a whooooole bunch of other places that will be serving either special menus or offering discounts or deals for the 25 de Mayo. Check the link for more information, and expect to see some tempting options like L’Atelier de Céline, Ceviche, and Chila (fancy!)

Planeta Joy has also whipped up a little list that covers some more ground. Classic traditional joints like 1810, Cumaná are included as well as some surprises like Nemo, the Marriott Plaza hotel, and more.

Photo Credit: Upper Playground / BA street art, Flickr

Navarro Correas Experience at Guido and Gran Bar Danzón

It’s gray, foggy and gross out, and this Friday is a holiday. What’s a girl to do? In addition to all those gastro-tastical events I told you about last week, you can add a few more to your agenda. The “Bodegas Navarro Correas Gourmet Experience” (what a mouthful) was underway last week at Tegui in Palermo, but runs today and tomorrow at Guido and Gran Bar Danzón, respectively. Both happen to be some of my favorite spots in the city, so hop to it.

Guido Restaurant will be providing a three-course menu, at AR$190/person:

Antipasti: Caponatta de berenjenas, Ciambotta, Cous cous, Burrata, Perperonatta, Prosciutto di Parma, Mortadella, Pizzas. Served with Navarro Correas Reserve Chardonnay 2011

First Course:  a choice of – Chicken curry risotto, Slow-cooked lamb sorrentinos with truffle cream sauce, or Grilled salmon with pumpkin mash. Served with Navarro Correas Reserve Malbec 2009.

Dessert: Served with Navarro Correas Extra Brut.

Guido Restaurante 
Blvd. Cerviño 3943 – Palermo Botánico

Gran Bar Danzón will be serving these delights on Wednesday night

Appetizer: Beef carpaccio with truffle vinaigrette, arugula, and parmesan ice cream

Main Course:
Risotto with Malbec-braised beef, Brussels sprouts, grilled eggplant and sauteed mushrooms.

Dessert: Warm pecan tart with pears and vanilla ice cream.

The menu includes three glasses of Navarro Correas Reserve (white, red, and dessert), water, and coffee or tea. AR$220/person.

Gran Bar Danzón

Libertad 1161, 1st floor – Recoleta

This hoopla will continue on through June 30 and in tons of other restaurants in Buenos Aires. Don’t miss …. Sucre, Sanbenito, Casa Cruz, Restó, Tarquino, Nectarine, or Hernán Gipponi. 

Check Planeta Joy for more information
Photo Credit: Cabiados

Food Porn Friday

Another week has flown by, and just as the finde sets in, the skies have opened up, it’s pouring rain, and the grey fog has rolled in over Buenos Aires. It’s got me craving a spicy seafood comfort dish that would be the perfect end to this rather hectic week. As such, I’ve got my eye on this Peruvian picante de camarones – the broth looks like something I would want to mainline on a regular basis. For real. Have a great weekend everyone!

Photo Credit: Okie Dokie Artichokie

Upcoming Gastro Events in Buenos Aires

Hello lovelies. There’s just so much going on in terms of food-tastic events of late that I thought I’d save you the extra clicks around the web and give you all the information you need right here. Because I love you. Now I hope you’re hungry.

Salta Regional Cuisine Week at the Palacio Duhau – Perhaps my favorite hotel in town, the Park Hyatt will be hosting a week-long celebration of the culinary delights of Salta, located in northwest Argentina. From May 21 – 27, Chefs Federico Heinzmann and Gloria Diez Peña will be whipping up some yumsies – all accompanied by wines from Colomé. Talk about mouth-watering. The set menu will cost AR$300 at lunch and AR$400 at dinner. For reservations call 5171-1340.

Palacio Duhau – Alvear 1661 – Recoleta

“Night of Select Argentine Meats” (Noche de Carnes Selectas Argentinas) at the Hilton in Puerto Madero – Have you ever wanted to gnaw on some gamey meats not found in your supermarket butcher’s section? Between May 17 – 19, Por eso, del 10 al 12 y del 17 al 19 de Mayo, Chef Emiliano Sabino will serve a 6-course menu that includes venison, wild boar, rabbit, quail, and viscacha (wtf). You’ll be washing all of this down with Alamos wines from the Catena Zapata winery, which should help ease the emotional stress of chowing down on little Bambi. There will also be a live jazz quartet. All yours for AR$310. For reservations call 4891-0040.

Hilton – Macacha Güemes 351 – Puerto Madero

French-Argentine Culinary Workshop – For the rest of the month, several culinary workshops will delve into the flavors of autumn around Buenos Aires. Each workshop will be led by a different chef and promises to spice up your routine with some new recipe ideas and foodie insights. On May 16th, you’ll be at an intimate wine tasting at Unik restaurant in Palermo, and on Friday, May 18 you will get expert tips from the chefs at La Bourgogne (at the Alvear) and Café des Arts (MALBA) on “the hunter’s kitchen” (you might eat some more Bambi). Antonio Soriano from renowned Algodón Mansion will cover teatime delights on Sunday, May 21. Click the link for more delicious information. For reservations contact Lucullus at 4703-3177.

Cuisine & Vins Expo 2012 – Check out the Palacio Paz (once the largest private residence in Argentina, now known as the Círculo Militar) in Retiro from June 6-8 for the annual Cuisine & Vins blackout event of the season. Chug fancy wines as fast as you can before going on the warpath for gourmet canapés and desserts. Tickets cost AR$130 – 20% discount with Visa if you purchase in advance. For more info email

Palacio Paz – Santa Fe 750 – Retiro

Photo Credit: World Travellist, Birdzilla, The International Kitchen, Cuisine & Vins