Astor’s 1st Birthday Celebration

Astor Bistro Buenos Aires

Astor Bistro has gotten nothing but good press since its opening last year. Luckily, these accolades haven’t gone to its head as the restaurant continues to serve beautiful food in a friendly space tucked away from the noise and circus that is Palermo.

A couple of weeks ago, the Comando Gourmand was lucky enough to visit Astor for a little birthday celebration. After all, what better way to ring in a year of success with great food, lots of wine, and an amazing group of people? We kicked things off with an aperitivo at the hand of Pablo, Astor’s skilled sommelier and charismatic host, before sitting down to a complete tasting menu at the hand of chef Antonio Soriano.

To start, the Comando dove into smoked venison with a poached egg, velvety pumpkin soup with a touch of pimetón, the most delicious trout I’ve ever tasted with pickled and pureed beets with goat cheese. We continued on with a white riverfish (Rubí?) over fennel puree with bok choy, Brussels sprouts, peas and a touch of wasabi – definitely one of the favorites of the night. This was followed by ojo de bife, corn, cherry tomatoes, red onion, and ‘shrooms, and topped off with wild boar, lentils and peppers.

After a brief interlude (mostly marked by exclamations of “I am so full I might explode, but this is so good I can’t stop eating”), it was time for dessert. First, one of the greatest combinations of all time: banana, chocolate, and dulce de leche. Suddenly I’m a kid again and my taste buds are overjoyed. Next, a cold strawberry mousse served with fresh fruit to cleanse the palate and trick you into thinking that you didn’t just stuff yourself silly. Perfection.

Despite the gluttony, there was a final surprise in store. Though we’re usually the ones being wined and dined, the Comando decided to show some love for the Astor team with a homemade chocotorta (courtesy of yours truly). Since it’s physically impossible for me to be understated when it comes to celebration, a candle that shot out sparks and a glittery sign that said “Feliz Cumple” were included for dramatic flair. We gathered around together and sang Happy Birthday to Astor, with wishes for many more years of full bellies and happy hearts.

Feliz Cumple Astor

It was a great night, perfect from start to finish. There’s nothing better celebrating the success of friends, especially when that celebration includes a feast fit for kings. Gracias, Astor!

El Comando at Astor BistroAstor Bistro
Ciudad de la Paz 353 – Belgrano
Monday-Friday 8pm-12:30am


Food Porn Friday

Today is a very special day, everyone. Not only is it the first day of Spring (take that, northern hemisphere!), but it is also the birthday of my beloved Josey. José puts up with my dragging him all over town in pursuit of satisfying all of my culinary cravings and probably has the sweetest tooth of all the Argentines I know (and if you know Argentines, you don’t underestimate their need for sugar). So today’s post will be in honor of the birthday boy with his most favorite local dessert, torta rogel. Layers of dulce de leche topped with nice heavenly merengue: Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you …

Food Porn Friday

Better late than never, right? It’s not that I forgot about you, but I have been swamped under boring things like conference calls and highlighters. This excess of corporate behavior has me craving a time when life was simpler … when my Mom still made my birthday cakes and when this was officially the coolest dessert known to man. Since I’m kind of a sicko I enjoyed watching my friends freak out at the sight of the plastic plant and terra cotta pot on the dining room table – thinking we were actually going to serve them dirt. HA! Nerds. Since dirt cake (crushed up oreos, vanilla pudding, gummy worms) isn’t very photogenic, bear with me. Just imagine the taste of childhood, and you’ll understand. Happy weekend!