Review: La Susana – José Ignacio

La Susana - José Ignacio

Ah, summertime. If you’re stuck in Buenos Aires it usually means sweating in places you never thought possible, praying the power doesn’t go out on the hottest day of the year, and taking at least six cold showers a day.

For those lucky enough to make their way across the River Plate to the bucolic Eden that is Uruguay, however, verano takes on a completely different connotation. Splashing through turquoise waves, complying with the tacit “All White Linen, All the Time” dress code, and eating seafood at every meal are just part of the glorious package. If you can filter out the annoying bits (Argentine dads that are 40+ but refuse to wear anything that isn’t a graphic t-shirt with jean shorts and Converse All-Stars, for example), you’ll soon come to the conclusion that la vida es mejor en el EsteContinue reading

Punta del Este: Food Porny Sneak Peek

Before I delve in to detailed reviews of some of my favorite places in Punta del Este, Uruguay, I wanted to share a few photos from our recent trip over the (Argentine) Labor Day weekend. My stomach has never been so happy, nor my liver so miserable. Learn to sift through the mediocre restaurants and beachside cafes and get to the good stuff, and you will be able to have an amazeballs trip in Punta no matter the season. Trust me on this one. Continue reading

Food Porn Friday

Welp, that was a short week. I’ve been going through photos from my trip to Punta and figured I’d give you a little teaser on what to expect over the weekend. This hot little piece of fish was served up beachside at La Huella in José Ignacio (aka posh hippie hideout heaven). Perhaps most notable is the suggestive – and delicious – roasted carrot that was served alongside. Simple delights that just can’t go wrong. I miss it already. Food porn it its purest form, my friends. Have a great weekend!