Food Porn Friday

It’s been a slow week, friends. Everyone is either on vacation, in a permanent quasi-hangover/food coma state, or spending their time reading endless “Year in Review” blog posts and articles. So let’s start today off with a good ol’ sugar rush, shall we?

This toasted marshmallow shake was just featured in the Washington Post’s 40 dishes every Washingtonian must try. You can try one if you head down to the Good Stuff Eatery on Capitol Hill, but you’re going to have to wait in line. Hand-spun and made with real charred mallow, this shake will rock your world.


New Year’s Eve in Buenos Aires

Christmas is behind us, and with it the suckling pig, artificial trees and non-creatively wrapped presents. Next up on the celebration calendar? New Year’s Eve, por supuesto. If you’re still scrambling around to find something fun and different to do, you’ve come to the right place. No, not my house, although I will be celebrating here (I’m a poor misanthrope, so what?) Continue reading

Review: Paraje Arévalo

I am still drooling over our experience at this delightful gourmet eatery in the far reaches of Palermo Hollywood. Paraje Arévalo (Arévalo 1502, esq. Cabrera) takes the cake for being one of the most delicious, enjoyable and memorable culinary experiences that I’ve had in the past four years here. Two weeks ago we visited with friends and prepped our bellies for the 6- and 8-course tasting menu that promised a meal that would be nothing short of spectacular. Continue reading

Backbone of the Flavor Network

Thanks to POKE Restaurant for posting this fun little food map (click to enlarge) that helps us understand why certain things always seem to go together in certain dishes. The explanation is as follows:

“Each node denotes an ingredient, the node color indicates food category, and node size reflects the ingredient prevalence in recipes. Two ingredients are connected if they share a significant number of flavor compounds, link thickness representing the number of shared compounds between the two ingredients. Adjacent links are bundled to reduce the clutter. Note that the map shows only the statistically significant links. A drawing of the full network is too dense to be informative.”

Now you are a little bit smarter when it comes to food science. You’re welcome.

Hay Que Ir… to the Bookstore for this Gem

Hello friends. It’s Monday and I totally blanked out on a post for your lovely little selves. Sorry about that. I’m blaming my massive Christmas hangover and subsequent staycation at Mio in Recoleta on that.

Instead of doing an Argie Chefs post – I’m failing you! – I thought I would tell you about a book that you have to buy yourselves while you’re here in Buenos Aires. We’ve all read (and loved) Time Out, Guía Oleo and Planeta Joy when it comes to fun and creative ideas for places to eat …. But this little black book has breathed new life into my restaurant “must-try” list. It’s called “Hay Que Ir” and has 128 restaurants from all over Buenos Aires ready to tempt your palate.

There are fun little facts scattered throughout and the information is displayed easily and clearly. Restaurants are ranked out of 100 points on a mix of food, service and ambiance. I like that they’ve gone a bit off the proverbial beaten path and recommend places that other guides might not animarse a probar. Yes, Spanish was necessary there.

Anyway, do yourselves a favor and pick it up. AR$65 and you can buy it online at Cúspide or Gourmand Place. It should be available in all bookstores though. You can also read more about it from a blog post in La Nación. Happy eating!