Africa Comes to Buenos Aires – Takeover (Friday) at the Office

Let’s kick the week off with something different, shall we? Get geared up for a delicious event headed your way … Tomorrow FRIDAY night at the Office in Las Cañitas, Ya Ya Bean will be dishing out hot sauce while Senegalese culinary delights will be flying out of the kitchen. Ya Ya’s friend Delphine (she speaks 5 languages, I automatically love her) designed a menu that will make your tastebuds happy and that also happen to pair perfectly with La Boca Roja hot sauce!

-Thiebou Yapp – A hearty meat and fried rice based dish peppered with vegetables and African spices.
-Farcy – Giant meatballs with garlic, chives and onions with a fried egg center. Served with potatoes and mixed vegetables in a sultry red sauce.
-Poulet a Patronl – Grilled chicken in a sweet red sauce of plantains, diced onions and fresh tomatoes. Served with white rice.

Sounds too delicious. Things kick off from 7pm – get there early to snag a table and have the best selection of food (sometimes dishes run out). More information is available on the Facebook event page – Check out Ya Ya Bean’s new website for more fun and antics.

Take Over Tuesday – Ya Ya Africa!
Friday, March 2, 2012
19- 23hrs
The Office Baires – Arévalo 3031 – Las Cañitas*

*The Office will be closing its doors so be sure to make it out for one last hurrah on Friday!

Weekend Reads

When I wake up on a Saturday, I like to take it easy. Head to my local coffee shop for a massive café con leche, some toast, and the newspaper. Other days I can’t even be bothered to leave the house. I’ll curl up with my MacBook and catch up on all the things I’ve missed during the week. Here’s what’s on tap today:

-101 Foodie Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Finding the Best Meals Abroad
-Timothy Hollingsworth – An Interview with Chef de Cuisine at Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry
-NYT Recipe: Bibimbap with Chicken, Broccoli Rabe, Mushrooms & Turnip
-White on Rice Couple Recipe: Spicy Sriracha White Bean Dip
-Pick Up the Fork’s Food Shopping Guide Extravaganza
-Planeta Joy: 5 Places in BA to try Delicious Gourmet Sammiches

Coming next week …. Cupcakes and Hot Sauce (possibly together, possibly not)

Food Porn Friday

Ok, so Argentina is now the land of feriados, meaning that everyone else gets extra vacation days while I still have to work my crazy schedule. I’m a little bitter. Not too much, but just a little. So to ease my pain I’ve been dreaming of one of my favorite snacks all morning. The all-powerful, all-knowing samosa. Perfect to scoop up vindaloo, perfect cold out of the fridge the morning after. Always swimming in cilantro/mint sauce, of course.

Photo Credit: Madhu Pasulla via Flickr

Pet Friendly Restaurants in Buenos Aires

We all know that I was just looking for an excuse to post this photo.

Eight out of ten Argentine households have pets, 63 percent of which are dogs. Argies love their four-legged amigos for sure. They also love milling about at sidewalk cafes and al fresco restaurants for hours on end. But unlike New York, where you can literally bring your dog anywhere (true story: brought my friend’s French bulldog Yoda to the 8th floor Bumble & Bumble salon in the Meatpacking district, thinking I’d get kicked out in seconds. Instead, the employees dropped everything to cuddle the fawn piglet. Ah, Manhattan), it’s not always clear where our amigos perrunos are allowed and where they aren’t.

Planeta Joy posted a lovely run-down of 9 pet friendly spots to get a bite to eat with Fido by your side. Click over to read the entire article with exact locations, but here is the list:

-Museo Evita – Palermo
-Muu Lechería – Palermo
-Gioia Restaurante & Terrazas – Recoleta
-Duhau Restaurants & Vinoteca – Recoleta
-Croque Madame – Palermo
-Minga – Palermo
-Nucha – Palermo
-Starbucks – Palermo

Ok, so some of these are obvious. I love that the Park Hyatt has a special “VIP” (Very Important Pet) program for guests of the canine persuasion; they’re even welcome at the hotel’s high-rated restaurants. Good to know. Although the Nucha and Starbucks locations listed in the article are in Palermo, it’s pretty clear that other locations with outdoor seating would welcome pets as well.

Where would you like to bring your dog in Buenos Aires?

Photo Credit: Planeta Joy

(Mini) Review: Tilde

Happy President’s Day / Carnaval / Mardi Gras weekend to everyone. Hopefully you’ve all been celebrating accordingly! I’ve just been waiting for the rain and trying to exterminate the ant population that has taken over my plants. I clearly have a buzzing social life going on, folks. Watch out.

Anyway, this is more of a pre-review since I don’t have photos and plan on going back prepared. While searching for a new restaurant near my office (San Telmo), I stumbled upon Tilde. And man am I glad I did! It’s brand new – about three months old – and just barely registers on Guía Oleo. But it has a 30/30 food rating, enough to pique my panza’s interest.

Tilde is tucked away on Mexico, just off of Defensa. It’s a family-run restaurant that is brimming with charm; you can really tell how much work and love went into the whole operation. The name itself has a dual meaning: not only is it an homage to owner Patricia’s mother, Clotilde, but it also is a bit of a pun. A “tilde” is an accent ( ´ ), and the restaurant creates food “with an accent on Latin American cuisine.” Patricia from the barrio and her grandfather actually constructed the buildings that are just across the street (from 1910), so there is a serious attachment going on here. It’s hard to miss.

The food is simple – homemade classics with a gourmet twist, nothing pretentious. We had an incredible crispy molleja salad, empanadas Tucumanas, and an excellent piece of fish with grilled vegetables. Dessert was amazing – fresh whipped cream and strawberries with an almond brittle. I was licking the plate.

It’s a must-try if you’ve tired of the usual San Telmo haunts or are looking to explore  beyond your own barrio. A real review, with photos and all, will be up soon … But I had to share this little gem with you as soon as I could!

Mexico 345 – San Telmo
Lunch – Sunday to Friday, 12-3pm
Dinner – Thursday to Saturday, 7:30-Midnight

Photo Credit: Guía Oleo