… Anyone There?

Hey everyone.
Remember me?

After more than a month of quasi-hibernation, I have resurfaced. I hope you missed me, because I missed you. A lot. So much that I ate my feelings and got a jump start on those extra holiday kilos. But I won’t put you on a guilt trip or anything.

Anyway – Where the balls have I been? The short answer is, I got a dog. I know, but have you ever had to take care of a 22kg semi-wild animal? Whoa. That will drain your energy resources. So this post has been a long time coming – Just wanted to drop a little line pre-Fiestas and the like.

I haven’t stopped my eating fest, of course. In fact, I have been on a roll. Some highlights – the Festival de la India at the Sheraton back in November:
Then I hopped across the River Plate to take refuge in Punta del Este:
La Huella We also had an amazing, delicious, insane dinner at The Hidden Kitchen which nearly left me unconscious for days. Soon I am off to Mendoza for four days of drunken gluttony with my family, who haven’t been to Argentina for more than two years.

Wishing you all the best this holiday season (especially those that celebrate Festivus), lots of food comas and fat panzas for everyone!

Festivus for the Rest of us