Tour Gourmet Buenos Aires 2012

Well lookie here. It’s Monday. We’ve all officially baked in our own skin, with that wacky sensación térmica that rears its ugly head in January. Maybe you need a treat, a little break from the usual … but with prices out of control I think I speak for everyone when I say that inflation is a cruel mistress. Club La Nación has some great discounts, but why not check out the Tour Gourmet Buenos Aires 2012?

In its 7th year, the Tour Gourmet (organized by gives members and regular diners alike the chance to try some yummy places all over town with some steep discounts. Like, 50% off your entire bill type discounts. Not bad, eh? From January 4 to February 29 (Leap Year, betch) you can print out any coupon you want – the participating restaurants are updated weekly – and head out on the town and eat to your heart’s content.

Some restaurants on the list? Sushi Club, Aire Crea Cocina, Vrindavan, Akira Sushi and Elebar. Not necessarily what comes to mind when I hear the word “gourmet,” but hey – shit’s cheap and it is always fun to break with routine and try something new.

Another fun tidbit is that you can participate in a 2-day intensive wine tasting course at the Sheraton. Dates are January 18 and 25, or February 8 and 15 / 22 and 29. Using the Tour Gourmet coupons you get 2 x1 (I. Love. Discounts) and the price is AR$390. Pretend you’re cultured and get drunk at a nice hotel. Can’t go wrong.

Check out the website for the information and coupons, and remember that every week new restaurants will be added.



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