Latin American food in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is kind of a conundrum. Argentina shares a whole continent with countries like Colombia, Venezuela, Brasil … and it even shares a flippin’ border with Chile. But why is it so hard to find regional food here? Sure, Peru has cornered the market with Sipan and Astrid & Gastón (and there are more than a handful of Mexican places), but that’s kind of weak sauce. Did you know that there are only TWO Chilean restaurants in Buenos Aires?

Thanks to Brando magazine for publishing a handy little article on where we can satisfy our cravings for arepas, crazy fresh Chilean seafood, or a Colombian stew. Check out the full article for more information but here is the basic information you’ll need before you go forth and feast:

La Arepera – Venezuela delights – Villa Crespo
Oro y Candido – regional Argentine (think llama and ñandú) Palermo
Valparaíso – Chilean yum yums -Palermo
Los Recuerdos – Colombian – Centro

Any places that Brando forgot to mention? Any favorites of your own?

Photo Credit: Flickr


6 thoughts on “Latin American food in Buenos Aires

  1. Those links don’t work, I only get this (This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it? It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching, or one of the links below, can help.)

    Have you tried the Laotian bistro in Saavedra, Ventoín 6667, end of the 119 line.

    • Thanks! Not sure why those links are being bitchy. They probably have heat stroke. Have not tried that bistro! I used to live in Saavedra actually – would be nice to go back there and stuff my face.

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