Whoopie Pies in Buenos Aires

I have loved whoopie pies since I spent some time in Maine one summer and gorged myself on them. The obligatory trend followed (in the footsteps of cupcakes, cake pops, mini pies, etc), but whatever. They’re delicious. I hadn’t even thought about them since living in Buenos Aires since I figured they’d never make their way down to this side of the equator. I was wrong!

Smeterling, a patisserie and chocolate boutique in Recoleta, makes some bomb pastries. Mini shortcakes, cookies, cupcakes, macarons, anddddd whoopie pies! I didn’t take a photo of the pie because I ate it. Sorry. But it was delicious. The filling – a dulce de leche cream – was perfect and the cake part was spot-on. If you’re a chocolate or pastry lover, get thee to the Smeterling stat, por favor. It’s a nice change of pace from the traditional old-lady cafés in the area, and the flavors are finally different from what you normally see.

Uruguay 1308 – Recoleta

Photo Credit: Flickr, Smeterling


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