The Most Amazeballs Hamburger of Life

To get you ready for food porny dreams, I leave you with this video detailing perhaps the most meticulous burger of all time. Chef Maxime Bilet talks about how the Modernist Cuisine team set about to perfect the burger. The entire process takes more than 30 hours and involves laying out the patty strand by strand and cryofrying – dipping it in liquid nitrogen then flash-frying it in crazy hot oil.

Since BA is home only to frozen/disgusting “hamburger” meat called Paty (or my favorite, Barfy – only because at least it warns you how you’re going to feel just looking at it) I thought we all could use 3:40 of gastro goodness …. Don’t blame me when you start drooling over your keyboard. Click the image above to read the text.

Photo Credit: Modernist Cuisine


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