Argie Chefs: Pablo Massey


Pablo Massey was born in Buenos Aires in 1962 and from an early age began his culinary formation. Driven by wanderlust he spent time in France, Spain, the UK, Australia and finally Italy, where he perfected the techniques of the cuisines from Tuscany and Florence. The flavors and style of Mediterranean cuisine are now his signature.

Upon returning to Argentina, he collaborated with Francis Mallmann for nearly a decade starting in the late 80s in Palermo, opening & running various restaurants, cooking courses and doing television specials. Meanwhile he continued to travel like crazy, visiting the US, Asia and Australia in search of new flavors and experiences. He’s worked as a private chef for celebrities and major corporations, offering his advice and guidance on special event menus and making a space for himself on Argentine television. Since 2009 he’s been a featured chef on El Gourmet and has remained dedicated to his vocational mission of combining a love of food with hard work and education via cooking classes and other endeavours.

Pablo is kind of a badass, I mean, he’s worked at Plaza Athenée in Paris, as well as the River Café and The Ivy in London. His restaurant, Uruguay, in San Isidro has since closed which is sad but rather typical here in BA (high turnover is common). Currently he’s busy with La Panadería de Pablo, his bakery located in San Telmo on Defensa 269. It’s open Monday-Friday 8am-7pm & Sundays from 10am-7pm. Photo Credit: The Must Site, La Panadería de Pablo


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