Review: The Lost Asian’s Hidden Kitchen

As I mentioned before, there seems to be a second wave of closed door restaurants popping up in Buenos Aires, and I am ecstatic. This time around, things are taking on a different vibe, more intimate and relaxed, with their own unique twist.

If you’ve been in BA for more than a hot minute and enjoy food, you’ve probably heard of Frances. She has some of the most beautiful photos out there, and I’ve loved her blog form the moment I stumbled upon it. She’s this tiny person with a huge radiant smile (yes I have a girl crush on her, ok?). When she isn’t cooking/eating/photographing food, she also works as a licensed acupuncturist, nutritionist, herbalist, yoga instructor and Chinese Doctor. Basically she’s pretty much a badass.

Anyway, Frances realized her dream of opening her kitchen to the public less than two weeks ago when she opened The Hidden Kitchen at the Reserve space in Palermo Soho. I was eager to dig in to the goods and of course booked a seat at the table for the first night she was in business. Continue reading