Food Porn Friday

How is it already Friday again? What? Did I black out and miss an entire week? Anyway, let me tell you a little something. Every day when I wake up, I dedicate a chunk of time to think about what I am craving. (I know, something is wrong with me) Yesterday it was s’mores, the day before that, a simple penne bolognese. Today my stomach decided to bring out the big guns because now I am craving a gigantic, spicy, hot, bibimbap. I can taste it as I type these words. If only Casa Mun had a delivery service… That would be paradise. Happy long weekend, everyone!

Photo Credit: Aiyah via Flickr

Top 5 Korean Restaurants

Photo Credit - Lili Kocsis

You probably didn’t know this, but Buenos Aires is home to the 2nd largest Korean community in Latin America. So why don’t you pop out of the Palermo comfort zone, hail a taxi and head to Bajo Flores for some spicy Korean BBQ? It’s a fun way to share a big meal with friends, grill your own meat and hang out in a place you probably wouldn’t visit otherwise.

Head on over to The Argentina Independent’s website for the full listing and contact information for all 5 spots!