BA Underground Market – Sneak Peek

On June 9th, the Argentina Independent local newspaper will be hosting the first ever Underground Market here in Buenos Aires. Adapted from the original that began in San Francisco, it is a space for both locals and expats who have been blessed with gastronomic talent (but perhaps lack a storefront or large-scale operation) to introduce their goodies to the world and sell their delicious bites. There will be something for everyone: homemade desserts for those with a serious sweet tooth, pickles that would be a perfect addition to any picada, hot sauces, jams, homemade breads, South African beef jerky, and perhaps the best goat cheese of all time.

Last week I was lucky enough to head over to meet some of the vendors, taste-test their products, and take a few snaps. I was in heaven! To be honest I was floored by the quality and variety of what was available – not to mention a bit envious of everyone’s culinary skills. It was an awesome preview of what’s to come on June 9th at La Fábrica in Almagro. Keep reading for some sneak peek snapshots of what to expect at the BA Underground Market … you’d be a fool to miss it! Continue reading


Food Porn Friday

So I skipped breakfast today so I could have a few more winks of sleep. Now I’ve got desayuno on the brain and am craving something classic and delicious. Time for two eggs, sunny side up, with a side of buttered toast. Nothing beats the greasy breakfast at Bob & Edith’s, a diner in my hometown founded in 1969 … So today’s post is perhaps a little more nostalgic than originally thought. And keeping with the DC / Northern Virginia homage, what goes better with eggs than hot sauce? Did you know that the gents behind Ya Ya Bean’s La Boca Roja are from the DC area too? It must be why they’re so damn good looking (Fact: DC people are hotter than you). For more info on hot sauce in BA, check out my other post.

Photo Credit: Flavors of Brazil, Ya Ya Beans

Africa Comes to Buenos Aires – Takeover (Friday) at the Office

Let’s kick the week off with something different, shall we? Get geared up for a delicious event headed your way … Tomorrow FRIDAY night at the Office in Las Cañitas, Ya Ya Bean will be dishing out hot sauce while Senegalese culinary delights will be flying out of the kitchen. Ya Ya’s friend Delphine (she speaks 5 languages, I automatically love her) designed a menu that will make your tastebuds happy and that also happen to pair perfectly with La Boca Roja hot sauce!

-Thiebou Yapp – A hearty meat and fried rice based dish peppered with vegetables and African spices.
-Farcy – Giant meatballs with garlic, chives and onions with a fried egg center. Served with potatoes and mixed vegetables in a sultry red sauce.
-Poulet a Patronl – Grilled chicken in a sweet red sauce of plantains, diced onions and fresh tomatoes. Served with white rice.

Sounds too delicious. Things kick off from 7pm – get there early to snag a table and have the best selection of food (sometimes dishes run out). More information is available on the Facebook event page – Check out Ya Ya Bean’s new website for more fun and antics.

Take Over Tuesday – Ya Ya Africa!
Friday, March 2, 2012
19- 23hrs
The Office Baires – Arévalo 3031 – Las Cañitas*

*The Office will be closing its doors so be sure to make it out for one last hurrah on Friday!

You Saucy Minx – Getting Your Spicy On

A common lament of extranjeros living in Buenos Aires is the lack of kick in the local palate. At most restaurants you’ll see salt on every table but pepper is always an afterthought. Pica!!! our Porteño friends will squeal when you ask why they don’t put freshly ground pepper on things like scrambled eggs, vegetables and sandwiches.

Many markets and grocery stores – most regularly in Barrio Chino and similar locales – sell at the very least some jalapeños to help satisfy our cravings. (You can often find rocoto and other amazeballs-hot peppers too, but you might have to head out of the way to get them.) Strangely enough, at Disco, they always seem to come in huge packs of 15. (I have a serious spice addiction, but what on Earth am I supposed to do with 15 jalapeños before they start to wrinkle?) But let’s be honest, there’s nothing like having access to a delicious, fiery hot sauce that we can douse on everything from empanadas to mashed potatoes (don’t judge).

Luckily, expats here are an entrepreneurial bunch. Here are 3 places for you to burn your taste buds, satisfaction guaranteed: Continue reading