Argie Chefs: Hernán Gipponi

Happy Monday, folks. How is everyone doing today? I can barely walk thanks to the stupid idea that running a race and then dancing until sunrise was a good idea. But it was worth it. I’ve been mainlining Actron since Saturday so that’s gotta be a good thing.

Anyway, since it’s Monday we’re back featuring another Argie Chef worth knowing about. So who’s on tap today? Drumroll please …. Hernán Gipponi! Now associated with his amazeballs HG restaurant at the Fierro Hotel, Hernán used to be the head chef at both the Guggenheim Bilbao and Quique Dacosta’s El Poblet in Denia (Valencia). It also just so happens that these restaurants were recipients of two Michelin stars while he was there. Not impressed? Please show yourself out.

It’s exciting to see so many talented chefs bringing new flavors and concepts to local cuisine. With the overwhelming amount of parrillas and Italian restaurants all over town, it’s easy to forget that there are some exceptionally talented people who are raising the culinary bar.

HG at the Fierro Hotel is the embodiment of Gipponi’s years abroad – high-quality gourmet cuisine that implements techniques and flair possibly never before seen here in Argentina. The tasting menu includes hints of molecular gastronomy and a mastery of food manipulation that reflects superb talent. Before opening at the Fierro, Gipponi and his Spanish wife opened up Tipula, a basque-mediterranean spot in Martínez that caused a stir a few years back.

There isn’t much biographical information available on Herny (new nickname?) which kind of makes me sad since I really want to know more about him and his early years. Maybe I’ll have to track him down myself.

If you haven’t already, you’re going to want to enjoy a night with the 9-course tasting menu at the Fierro Hotel or a lazy Sunday brunch to top off a weekend of gluttony. Since I haven’t been able to try the food for myself yet, read a play-by-play post from The Lost Asian that will leave your mouth watering like a crazy person.

Photo Credit: HG on Facebook , Clarin