Review: Brasero Atlántico

Brasero Atlántico

Once upon a time, calle Arroyo was just a place where you’d go to window shop for expensive antiques or drink free champagne out of plastic flutes for Gallery Nights. However, thanks to those brave souls that saw potential for a fabulous foodie future, the past few years have brought a fresh crop of delicious business to the barrio.

By this point we’re all familiar with Florería Atlántico and the magic it entails. The place is now so popular that locals are forced to hover around the entrance in line with Brazilian tourists and other curious travelers, yearning for a coveted seat somewhere, anywhere that’s free. It’s still one of the best watering holes in town, but as with everything in life, it never hurts to spice things up and forge ahead.

Enter Brasero Atlántico, Florería’s laid back little brother. After months of intrigue and patience, the much-awaited sibling made its quiet debut just a couple of weeks ago, right next door.  Continue reading


Food Porn Friday

Sorry for the radio silence over here. I’ve been a little more than giddy since my first visitor in three years (!!!) arrived this week. Yep, break out the tiny violins. Living far away sucks, and not having anyone love you (sniff) enough to visit is even worse. But that has been remedied. My oldest friend arrived on Wednesday and I couldn’t be happier. Memories of painting wagons, wearing Doc Martens boots (I love the 90s) and wearing blue mascara have never been sweeter. So I’ve been inspired by life’s simpler pleasures. And what’s more delicious than grilled sardines with a touch of parsley and some fresh lemon? Happy Weekend, everyone.

Photo Credit: Bonjour Celine via Flickr

Review: Gengis’s House – Mongolian BBQ

Happy week, everyone. No holidays for a while, so to deal with the letdown let’s talk Mongolian BBQ. Of course it has nothing to do with Mongolia (more like Taiwan), and there isn’t a lot of actual barbecuing going on, but those are minor details. What it really means is lots of fresh vegetables, a meat of your choice, noodles, and sauces all sizzled to perfection on a huge griddle that only the Mongolian master knows how to handle. And a perfect lunch or dinner option is finally available in Argentina, tucked away in Recoleta that is sure to become a local favorite.  Continue reading