St. Patrick’s Day in Buenos Aires + More

Due to my laziness and lack of planning, this post is a hodge-podge of upcoming events and other random Buenos Aires bits. Enjoy.

St. Patrick’s Day in BA – The day when Argentines suddenly “discover” their Irish roots and trash the Kilenny, Downtown Matías, and the entire length of Reconquista downtown, toppling telephone poles and throwing up Fernet. After four years in Boston, (and zero Irish heritage), it’s not my favorite holiday, but things are looking up. Magdalena’s Party in Palermo Soho (at Thames & Costa Rica) will be serving up Shepherd’s Pie (nom) and AR$20 pints of Heineken all night. You’re guaranteed a good time, no matter what day of the year, so I can only imagine that St. Patrick’s day will be a rager. You can also spend 48 hours chugging beer at the Isenbeck Beer Festival in Palermo. Tickets are AR$50 and available through Ticketek. There will be live music both tonight and tomorrow and obviously tons-o’-beer. Click the link for more info + tickets. (And for some perspective, how about this? It’s more expensive to celebrate here than it is in Dublin?! Read the article)

Brisket in BA – Perfect for your March 17 hangover. Head to The Office in Las Cañitas (for one of its last appearances before it goes down in history!) this Sunday to scarf down some brisket made personally by Larry from El Tejano hot sauce. This guy is from Texas and he knows what’s up. Seriously. Some of the best sauce around. Follow the link for all event details.

Craft Beer Night – Also held at Magdalena’s Party, this event is in a couple of weeks (March 29) and will be hosted by beer expert & Argentina Independent contributor Aaaron Brown. For just AR$100 a person, you’ll get three artisan Argentine beers and plenty of finger food to soak it up. Aaron will give you some beer history, talk about how it’s made, and run down all of the different kinds of beer. BEER BEER BEER! This would be a fun date or just something random to do with friends. Mark it down.

Run Down of Various Gourmet and Organic Markets/Ferias – Renowned women’s magazine Ohlala! (I hope you can feel the sarcasm from here) published a handy guide to different fairs and markets around Buenos Aires. Why not switch up your Saturday routine and head to the Mercado del Progreso in Caballito, BA’s oldest? (Founded in 1889). Click here for the article.

Yanquis Don’t Go Home – TRIUMPH! VICTORY! Argentines may love making fun of America (or acting like they aren’t all dying to hop on a plane and buy everything they can in New York or Miami), but the Amurican food traditions established here in recent years are here to stay. NOLAChef, Fuudis, POKE, The Office, Quiero Bagel, Magdalena’s Party and more are featured in this month’s printed issue of Planeta Joy magazine. Click here to read it online.

Photo Credit: The Argentina Independent