Great BA Restaurants for Eating at the Bar

I haven’t given Planeta Joy much love lately. It’s a great website/magazine/community that covers trends and tips in the BA food/wine world, often compiling superlative lists that save you time and legwork if you’re tired of the trial & error aspect of the vast world of the Buenos Aires food scene.

However, I loved this list of “The Best Restaurants for Eating at the Bar” because one of my favorite things to do at a restaurant is forgo sitting at a table entirely and saddle up at the bar instead. Check out the full article for more information, but here is are the essentials of what you need to know…

Osaka Madero – Puerto Madero – The newest of Osaka’s Japanese-Peruvian fusion empire, this hotspot located in the Faena Arts Center will rip your wallet a new one, albeit with style and elegance. Sitting at the bar offers you a view of all the sexy sushi and sashimi action; which at Osaka is some of the best in town. Juana Manso 1164

Tancat – San Isidro – The new-ish addition to the Retiro classic, Tancat in Zona Norte serves up delicious tapas and Spanish delights in a cool atmosphere. If you’re downtown (Tancat happens to be across the street from my office), sitting at the bar makes for an easy and quick lunch, but head to San Isidro for their awesome Tapeo Hour from 5-8pm. Think crazy low prices and delicious Catalán goodies. Avenida del Libertador 14850

Dill & Drinks – Retiro – I have been raving about Dill since it opened a little more than a year ago, mainly because it has breathed new boozy life into my neighborhood. This is truly an oasis of chic in what can be a kind of weird area, serving up bomb cocktails (do yourself a favor and get the honey ginger sour, like now) alongside a creative and laid-back gourmet menu. Their AR$70 lunch special is a steal, and sitting at the bar next to old dudes in suits will be kind of surreal. Don’t miss it. San Martín 986

Gran Bar Danzón – Recoleta – Danzón shouldn’t need an introduction, because if you haven’t been here then frankly I think you’ve been living under a rock. Fourteen years strong and with a new menu to shake things up, Danzón is one of my favorites. Befriend the bartender and he’ll make you cocktails that aren’t on the menu, and from your privileged seat you can watch all the creepy levante action on Thursday nights. The bar menu is a little more relaxed but just as delicious. Libertad 1161, 1st floor

Sucre – Belgrano – From the same family as Danzón, Sucre has managed to remain sleek and chic for years. The place just oozes cool and the food & drinks are a match. The bar itself is like 45 feet high, and is a perfect spot to perch and sip while you wait for your table to free up, or if you would rather nibble while keeping your options open. It’s another great option for those nights when you want to break out the stilettos and do some damage. Sucre 676

To – Palermo – Three years ago, Toufic Reda opened up the first and only “Frapanese” restaurant here in BA, which also includes a little moving sushi belt which is more common in Japan and abroad. Much on some pricey sushi at the bar and watch the “sushi train” make its rounds through the center of the restaurant. A place to date someone you want to impress, or perhaps just someone who will be thrilled at the idea of mobile sushi. Costa Rica 6000

La Esperanza de los Ascurra – Villa Crespo – This is a new bodegón hotspot that serves up simple Spanish bites in a charming and cozy atmosphere. It’s also still a bargain so hop to it before inflation and popularity go to its head. Stuff your face with a tortilla de papa or some jamón crudo and wash it down with a glass of vermouth. Aguirre 526

Kansas – Palermo – Ah, America. Kansas has an insane happy hour (and a great patio for warm afternoons/evenings of indulgence) and is always packed to the gills. Every time I drive by, no matter the day or time, there is always a line of cars waiting to park. Luckily you can eat at the bar while you wait for your table (or just instalarte all night – watch out for the horny Argie businessmen) – we all know the menu by heart now, but it never fails. Avenida de Libertador 4625

Café Paulín – Centro – Sneak out from lunch and fill up with a massive sandwich de milanesa or a variety of any other classic, greasy, carb-y dish. You won’t find this spot to be an oasis of tranquility, but for the price you can’t argue. Scarf down an empanada (or 5) and get ready for the second half of the workday. You might need a nap afterward, but your panza will defo be pleased. Sarmiento 635

Photo Credit: Planeta Joy


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