La Vinería de Colonia

Most of the time, the best discoveries you can make are the most unexpected. While strolling through the quaint cobblestone streets of Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay a few weeks back, my media naranja and I came upon a little gem that is so great I wish there were a BA counterpart we could visit more often. La Vinería de Colonia is owned by Martín Rosberg, brother of Andrés Rosberg (Co-Founder and President of the Argentine Association of Sommeliers) and real estate developer / wine-lover / all-around cool dude.

La Vinería de Colonia provides quality wines from all over the world as well as intimate tastings in a unique setting. Since the space is located within the UNESCO-protected casco histórico of Colonia, you can imagine the warmth and ambiance provided by the exposed brick, massive windows, and charming back patio that’s being overtaken by green.

Tastings are currently held on the weekends and space is available for up to 8 people. Be sure to check it out when you’re in Colonia and get ready for some incredible wines, delicious bites, and an overall memorable experience in such a charming spot. Martín is crazy knowledgeable – and they even sell my favorite grappa by the Bernardi family! Go forth and enjoy.

La Vinería de Colonia
Calle de San José 170
Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay


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