NOLAChef Mexican Pop-Up at Tout Le Monde

Oh hello there friends. Hope you have had a great start to this funky week, what with the Wednesday holiday. I wanted to share some photos and other tidbits about the incredible NOLAChef Mexican pop-up night at Tout le Monde in Palermo Soho that you clearly have to try before this month is through. I’ve been lucky to experience Liza’s culinary greatness before, and was thrilled to be able to stuff my face with some authentic Mexican goodies at this weekly event (hurry, you only have two more weeks left! Liza will be cooking up a storm this Thursday at Taste! BsAs). There is a short but varied selection of starters and mains, and the accompanying cocktails are great too – be sure to get a few jalapeño margaritas. Tangy and spicy, a boozy surprise that had me slurring my words before I could finish my tacos. The guac was a nice warm-up for the main event – aka my favorite dish of the moment -call it a cup of heaven-sent crack, I don’t care. Esquites. Corn, chili, other goodies all mixing it up together that results in something you will want to eat for the rest of your life. So damn good.

Tacos de pastor – slow-cooked pork with black beans and the amazing homemade tortilla goodness from Pancho Villa Tortillas: delicious, savory, simple but satisfying. Gimme more porky yumyums ASAP por favor.

Let’s not forget the cocktail.

All in all, a great chance to eat some quality homemade food in a quirky setting in Palermo. Cash only, FYI. Surprisingly ended up being pricier than I’d thought, so keep that in mind. Next time I want to try the Torta de Res and make room for dessert (instead of another cocktail or 10).

What you need to know:

Where: Tout le Monde Cafe & Bar, Gurruchaga 1417 – Palermo Soho.
When: Thursdays from 3PM to 1AM, Happy Hour until 8PM.
Etc: Check out Liza/NOLAchef on Facebook, Twitter, & her lovely blog.


One thought on “NOLAChef Mexican Pop-Up at Tout Le Monde

  1. AWESOME!! But so everyone knows I wont be hosting Mexican night THIS THURSDAY THE 21. We will pick up next Thursday, the 28 and continue throughout the month of July!! Viva mexico!!

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