Event: Taste! BsAs

For the second year in a row, the folks behind Buenos Aires Delivery will be hosting an epic event that will have everyone drooling – and this year they’ve teamed up with Guía Oleo to deliver a seriously badass food-filled fiesta hosted at the Buenos Aires Design in Recoleta. Taste BsAs will feature over 30 restaurants from Capital Federal and nearby suburbs – Los Maestros, La Querencia, Vanshelato, El Peruanito Ray, Sushimoto, La Negra Chocolá, Tataki Sushi & Peruvian Cuisine, Garbis, and Josefina Gortari will be there, to name a few – all FREE of charge for you little cheapskates. All you have to do is contact them and reserve ahead of time! Yes, it’s that easy. There will be live music, a bar with drink specials, and some other sassy surprises in store. Ok, so what are you waiting for? Head on over and make your little reserva, prep those panzas for next Thursday night! See you there.

The rundown:

What: Taste! BsAs – Culinary fiesta of the year
When: Thursday, June 21 – 8:00PM
Where: El Auditorio de Buenos Aires – BA Design in Recoleta – Pueyrredón & Libertador
Why: Because you like to eat, and you like free things, and you like hanging out with me(?)
How: RSVP through the website & check out their Facebook page for updates


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