BA Underground Market – Sneak Peek

On June 9th, the Argentina Independent local newspaper will be hosting the first ever Underground Market here in Buenos Aires. Adapted from the original that began in San Francisco, it is a space for both locals and expats who have been blessed with gastronomic talent (but perhaps lack a storefront or large-scale operation) to introduce their goodies to the world and sell their delicious bites. There will be something for everyone: homemade desserts for those with a serious sweet tooth, pickles that would be a perfect addition to any picada, hot sauces, jams, homemade breads, South African beef jerky, and perhaps the best goat cheese of all time.

Last week I was lucky enough to head over to meet some of the vendors, taste-test their products, and take a few snaps. I was in heaven! To be honest I was floored by the quality and variety of what was available – not to mention a bit envious of everyone’s culinary skills. It was an awesome preview of what’s to come on June 9th at La Fábrica in Almagro. Keep reading for some sneak peek snapshots of what to expect at the BA Underground Market … you’d be a fool to miss it!

Biltong, a South African beef jerky, beer bread, and El Tejano’s famous hot sauce

To die for bread and cookies from The Buenos Aires Bread Co.

Booty shot of spicy mustard pickle from Pickle de Nuñez (so.damn.good)

Il Mirtilo’s blueberry, chocolate, and whisky marmalade – unreal

The best Tres Leches cake I’ve ever had from One Day Cafe

Las Cabrillas Goat Cheese from Santiago del Estero – come to mama

There are even more vendors than are pictured in this post – NOLAChef Liza Puglia will be serving up her legendary red beans and rice, Meghan from Jueves a la Mesa will have her homemade chocolates that are so delicious your head will spin (with flavor twists like ginger, flax, curry & chili). There will even be artisan beer and tons more. So jot it down in your datebook (or your smartphone thingy if you’re not a Luddite like me) –

June 9, La Fábrica, Querandíes 4290 – Almagro, from 12 – 5PM… The first of what we can hope will be an annual shindig – the Buenos Aires Underground Market

For more photos and information, check out the album from the Argentina Independent


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