Cino de Mayo in Buenos Aires

One of the funniest things about living in Argentina is that people who have never been here assume that the food is exactly like Mexico’s, when it really couldn’t be further from the truth. As a good Yanqui, I “celebrate” Cinco de Mayo – meaning I find an excuse to drink tequila, stuff my face with burritos, and pour hot sauce on anything – though the festivities haven’t really caught on in Buenos Aires (yet. We all know how these things work.) Luckily there are more than a few options to nom on some Mexican food here in BA – a typical expat gripe is that while the fare here might satisfy a craving, it’s definitely not the real deal/what we’re used to back home. Regardless, I’ve compiled a little list of places where you can get your fiesta on – at the very least a few margaritas will ease the pain. Enjoy!

La Fábrica del Taco – Gorriti 5062 – Palermo – Snag a table on the patio and enjoy the warm weather with some tacos and crazy hot sauce
Xalapa – El Salvador 4800 – Palermo – Ok, so the guacamole doesn’t have cilantro, but the margaritas are great as is the mole chicken
Cielito Lindo – El Salvador 4999 – Palermo – One of the Palermo originals. Always crowded
La Flor Azteca – Thames 1472 – Palermo – Discount with Club La Nación (I be cheap)
Magdalena’s Party – Thames 1795 – Palermo – The fish and veg tacos are excellent
Gato Viudo Burritos – Viamonte 985 – Downtown (closed Saturdays) – BURRITOZ

The BA Pub Crawl will be hosting a rager so if you want to paint the town red, ándaleeee!

If you’ll be cooking at home, try this recipe for Spicy Tequila Lime Chicken.

Or check out Saveur magazine’s 15 Mexican-inspired cocktails

To stock up on homemade tortillas, check out Panchovilla Tortillas (you can also get nopales!)

Photo Credit: Suspicious Mind


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