America in a Cast Iron Skillet

We all know the value of a good cast iron skillet (NOLAChef especially). Treat them right and they’ll last a lifetime while helping you create some amazing stuff in your kitchen. When I stumbled upon these awesome skillets shaped like the United States of America, I died and exploded with envy. They’re custom-made and I will be saving up for ages to be able to afford one (they run between $300 and $400, yikes). I think it would be a clever and useful housewarming gift for a friend, or perhaps for a homesick expat in need of a boost. As a geography nerd, all of this pleases me greatly. Imagine if you were from Texas – your pancakes would be huge! California is so big it gets two handles. Rhode Island is remains the tiniest and will probably only allow you to whip up miniature things like cherry tomatoes or Brussels sprouts. Michigan is a badass and gets two pans. Visit this website for more photos and information.


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