Back in Action

Le sigh. I’ve been neglecting you, yes I have. But not because I want to, you see. The past few weeks have been more than hectic as I was tying up loose ends and starting a new job (which also signaled the end of my “I can be in pj’s all day until heading to work at 4pm” reign, and oh how glorious that was). I disappeared like a hermit and ignored the 5 people who read this blog. Sorry about that.

I’ve had some great meals lately, but they’ve all been very spontaneous and failed to be photographed as a result. I am not one of those fancy expats who has an iPhone, so sorry I’m not sorry about that. For one, I went back to Shi Yuan in Barrio Norte for a Chinese feast of the senses. Definitely recommended to go with a big group to order a ton of stuff (they also have a dim sum menu if you can read Chinese) and Peking duck, which must be ordered a day ahead. Portions are huge and the prices affordable.

Just around the corner from Shi Yuan is another little gem, located where Olinda bistro used to be. La Locanda offers up crazy fresh, homemade Sicilian food. Run by Daniel and his family, this spot serves up food that is so simple, so fresh, and so utterly delicious. The menu changes daily – isn’t even written down on a blackboard or anything – and the dishes are all excellent. We had some incredible razor clams and homemade fettuccine with shellfish. What I didn’t love? The price. No menu = no chance to gauge how much things cost. I would definitely recommend it, but be prepared to drop a pretty penny on those delicias Sardas.

Last night, to celebrate my surviving the first week at work, we returned to my all-time favorite place in Buenos Aires. Having dinner at Bengal is like having dinner at home for me, where all the waiters know us and don’t even need to give us the menu. The owner is always there and manages to fill us in on who’s-who at the other tables (Ricardo Alfonsín, Carlos Bianchi, Vice-President Amado Boudou perhaps…). The food is perfection and it’s always such a pleasant experience. If you haven’t been, put it at the top of your list of restaurants to visit – or I will cut you.

Now let’s do a little roundup of linkage since you’ve probably already lost interest in my recounting my last few meals without any photos.

Where to eat the best thin-crust pizza in BA, courtesy of Planeta Joy. I know El Cuartito is supposed to be the ultimate in BA pizza, but I need thin crust and I need it now.

-Next weekend (which is extra-long thanks to Labor Day), head to San Telmo and check out Buenos Aires Market, which will offer organic & healthy goodies from over 50 local businesses. The best part – it’s on one of my favorite streets in town, Avenida Caseros, between Defensa and Bolívar. Saturday & Sunday, 10am – 6pm. Click here for more info on what to expect this weekend.

-Live vicariously through The Lost Asian on her recent trip up to Salta. I only wish I could save up enough moola to recreate a culinary odyssey such as that one … Le sigh.

-Great little article from Saveur about a sixth generation Las Vegas family. Best part: recipes for cilantro rice, black beans, and grilled fish tacos

-Looking for a place where you can share reviews, comments, and more about your food, drink & cultural experiences in Buenos Aires? Check out Kekanto, a Yelp-esque community that will definitely give you some great tips on new places to check out


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