Easter in Buenos Aires

By now the majority of you are knee-deep in the 4-day weekend, probably sleeping til past noon and eating chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Know that I hate you a little bit. But I love you. So much so that I have decided to give you a little run-down of all the places to satisfy your sugar cravings as you celebrate the resurrection of Jesus (Jesús?). For those not of the Christian persuasion, Happy Passover* – I’m pretty sure eating chocolate eggs and marshmallow chicks transcends any religious boundaries.

What to do in Buenos Aires this Easter weekend? Let’s just say a special thank you to their insane sugar addiction that will ensure no shortage of sweets to eat over these next few days. Usually Argentines just buy one huge chocolate egg thing wrapped in gold foil paper to really show off. The whole idea of an Easter egg hunt is kind of new – maybe it would be fun to watch your porteño pals run around fighting for the egg that has $20 hidden inside. Just a thought…

Now, let’s talk candy. You want it. Where do you get it? Marzipan chicks, chocolate bunnies, huge massive eggs – head up to the Abbey of the Benedictine nuns in Victoria (Zona Norte) or in Capital at Libertad 1240, Local #19 (telephone: 4519-8016).

Smeterling (one of my favorites) – headed up by Isabel Vermal – whipped up some special Easter cookies as well as a fruit & mousse cake. Uruguay 1308, Recoleta.

Basically the ultimate in chocolate, Vasalissa will have painted chocolate eggs (some with gold, fancyyyyy) and other Easter goodies. Check it out in Recoleta on Callao 1940.

Algodón Mansion in Recoleta has a giant neon bunny in its front window. That is all.

* Special Passover goodies can be ordered & bought at La Crespo – Thames 612, telephone: 4856-9770 – so check it out for your Seder dinnah.

Also, if you wanted to dye your own eggs, DIY that shit and use beets or turmeric to give your eggs some nice colors.

Photo Credit: People Pets, Smeterling, Algodón


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