Indian Cooking Classes in Buenos Aires

Holy hurricane and happy Monday to everyone! I woke up this morning and the sky was so black I honestly thought my clock was wrong. I hope you’re all staying in and making some delicious food today! (It would just be cruel to expect a little guy on a moto to bring you delivery)

Indian cuisine is slowly growing in popularity here in Buenos Aires, probably due to the strong demand generated by the expat community that craves curry and heat to balance out their steady supply of ham & cheese empanadas. And I love that the Indian Embassy here is so involved in promoting culture, tourism, and other events – their Facebook page is always buzzing with something.

The newest event they’re advertising? Indian cooking classes! Hello, paradise. The seminar will be hosted by Chef Rabindra Nath Jana and will feature cover traditional and healthy dishes, the different regional cuisines, and all of the history, culture, and flavors woven throughout India. In other words, get on it. I did a couple of Indian cooking courses when I lived in the US, and it was so much fun. I still have the cooking notes and recipes, all stained with curry and cilantro (kinda gross?). It was a blast, so you’d be silly to pass up this chance here in Buenos Aires! For more information & dates, contact: and check out the Embassy Facebook Page.

Photo Credit: Gourmet


One thought on “Indian Cooking Classes in Buenos Aires

  1. Good to know! As an Argie living in the UK I’ve grown very fond of Indian food so by the time I go back I’d like to be able to find the ingredients!

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