Africa Comes to Buenos Aires – Takeover (Friday) at the Office

Let’s kick the week off with something different, shall we? Get geared up for a delicious event headed your way … Tomorrow FRIDAY night at the Office in Las Cañitas, Ya Ya Bean will be dishing out hot sauce while Senegalese culinary delights will be flying out of the kitchen. Ya Ya’s friend Delphine (she speaks 5 languages, I automatically love her) designed a menu that will make your tastebuds happy and that also happen to pair perfectly with La Boca Roja hot sauce!

-Thiebou Yapp – A hearty meat and fried rice based dish peppered with vegetables and African spices.
-Farcy – Giant meatballs with garlic, chives and onions with a fried egg center. Served with potatoes and mixed vegetables in a sultry red sauce.
-Poulet a Patronl – Grilled chicken in a sweet red sauce of plantains, diced onions and fresh tomatoes. Served with white rice.

Sounds too delicious. Things kick off from 7pm – get there early to snag a table and have the best selection of food (sometimes dishes run out). More information is available on the Facebook event page – Check out Ya Ya Bean’s new website for more fun and antics.

Take Over Tuesday – Ya Ya Africa!
Friday, March 2, 2012
19- 23hrs
The Office Baires – Arévalo 3031 – Las Cañitas*

*The Office will be closing its doors so be sure to make it out for one last hurrah on Friday!


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