Pet Friendly Restaurants in Buenos Aires

We all know that I was just looking for an excuse to post this photo.

Eight out of ten Argentine households have pets, 63 percent of which are dogs. Argies love their four-legged amigos for sure. They also love milling about at sidewalk cafes and al fresco restaurants for hours on end. But unlike New York, where you can literally bring your dog anywhere (true story: brought my friend’s French bulldog Yoda to the 8th floor Bumble & Bumble salon in the Meatpacking district, thinking I’d get kicked out in seconds. Instead, the employees dropped everything to cuddle the fawn piglet. Ah, Manhattan), it’s not always clear where our amigos perrunos are allowed and where they aren’t.

Planeta Joy posted a lovely run-down of 9 pet friendly spots to get a bite to eat with Fido by your side. Click over to read the entire article with exact locations, but here is the list:

-Museo Evita – Palermo
-Muu Lechería – Palermo
-Gioia Restaurante & Terrazas – Recoleta
-Duhau Restaurants & Vinoteca – Recoleta
-Croque Madame – Palermo
-Minga – Palermo
-Nucha – Palermo
-Starbucks – Palermo

Ok, so some of these are obvious. I love that the Park Hyatt has a special “VIP” (Very Important Pet) program for guests of the canine persuasion; they’re even welcome at the hotel’s high-rated restaurants. Good to know. Although the Nucha and Starbucks locations listed in the article are in Palermo, it’s pretty clear that other locations with outdoor seating would welcome pets as well.

Where would you like to bring your dog in Buenos Aires?

Photo Credit: Planeta Joy


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