(Mini) Review: Tilde

Happy President’s Day / Carnaval / Mardi Gras weekend to everyone. Hopefully you’ve all been celebrating accordingly! I’ve just been waiting for the rain and trying to exterminate the ant population that has taken over my plants. I clearly have a buzzing social life going on, folks. Watch out.

Anyway, this is more of a pre-review since I don’t have photos and plan on going back prepared. While searching for a new restaurant near my office (San Telmo), I stumbled upon Tilde. And man am I glad I did! It’s brand new – about three months old – and just barely registers on Guía Oleo. But it has a 30/30 food rating, enough to pique my panza’s interest.

Tilde is tucked away on Mexico, just off of Defensa. It’s a family-run restaurant that is brimming with charm; you can really tell how much work and love went into the whole operation. The name itself has a dual meaning: not only is it an homage to owner Patricia’s mother, Clotilde, but it also is a bit of a pun. A “tilde” is an accent ( ´ ), and the restaurant creates food “with an accent on Latin American cuisine.” Patricia from the barrio and her grandfather actually constructed the buildings that are just across the street (from 1910), so there is a serious attachment going on here. It’s hard to miss.

The food is simple – homemade classics with a gourmet twist, nothing pretentious. We had an incredible crispy molleja salad, empanadas Tucumanas, and an excellent piece of fish with grilled vegetables. Dessert was amazing – fresh whipped cream and strawberries with an almond brittle. I was licking the plate.

It’s a must-try if you’ve tired of the usual San Telmo haunts or are looking to explore  beyond your own barrio. A real review, with photos and all, will be up soon … But I had to share this little gem with you as soon as I could!

Mexico 345 – San Telmo
Lunch – Sunday to Friday, 12-3pm
Dinner – Thursday to Saturday, 7:30-Midnight

Photo Credit: Guía Oleo


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