Valentine’s Day in Buenos Aires

Womp womp. Most people are either totally into Valentine’s Day or just couldn’t care less. I’m ambivalent, because I think it’s silly to create such hoopla around just one day, but I also love an excuse to stuff my face and buy myself flowers. So whatever. Regardless of your real feelings toward St. Valentine, let’s look at some ways to celebrate (with food) here in Buenos Aires:

-Fuudis published a nice little list of places that are either offering a special menu or ooze with romantic ambiance. Check it out if you’re stuck.
-Planeta Joy never fails – 10 restaurants for your Valentine’s Day feast (as always, good variety)
-Guía Oleo has exclusive deals with La Cabrera, Milion, María Felix and more
-Pura Vida published a link to some raspberry heart tartes – for the healthy chefs
Cocina Sunae will be open and serving up Southeast Asian delights. Nothing says love like spicy penang curry in Chacarita. Details at the link.
-Bengal will also serve a special tasting menu (AR$300/person) on the 14th. Call 4314-2916. (Arenales 837 – Retiro)
Vasalissa Chocolates in Recoleta will satisfy any sweet tooth craving
-La Panadería de Pablo (which I’ve been dying to visit) is hosting a four-course meal. Details on their Facebook page

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