Top 5 Restaurants for a First Date

I read this article the other day, which suggests 5 places in Buenos Aires that are ideal for a first date. They weren’t bad suggestions, but it got me thinking about what spots would make it onto my own Top 5. I’m a huge fan of “bringing back the date” (side note: any Boston College alum should recognize that phrase) and with Valentine’s Day coming up, it can’t hurt to get a little lovey-dovey. Let’s dive in, shall we?

To Make a Really Good Impression* – Bengal

This is actually where my husband (whoa, weird) and I went on our first date, so there’s clearly some sentimental attachment here. Bengal is the place to go if you want an intimate meal in a cozy setting, complemented by delicious gourmet food and wine. Not to mention the service – it’s all just perfect. It’s not cheap, but your date is sure to be impressed. How can curry not be romantic? C’mon, guys.
* aka, wanna get lucky – if you aren’t too full of Indian food

Arenales 837 – Retiro – 4314-2926

A Blind Date that Could Go Either way – Gran Bar Danzón

Sometimes you’re not sure if you will want to be forced to talk to a stranger for an extended period of time. Danzón is perfect because you can suggest meeting for a drink and move over to the dining room if things are going well. You’ll still have an out if you want to jump ship, and since the place is always packed with hot people, you might spot some future candidates. The bar serves up a bangin’ club sandwich and the iPad wine list will make you feel fancy.

Libertad 1161, 1st floor – Recoleta – 4811-1108

A Day Date with Great Ambiance – Croque Madame

I’m a fan of the day-date because you can make sure your date isn’t a “two-face.” It’s also a nice change of pace from the usual nighttime routine. Croque Madame at the Museo de Arte Decorativo serves up basic fare (good pizzas and sandwiches) in a romantic little setting right near the city’s green spaces. Try to snag the table next to the fountain and get there early to avoid a long wait. If there’s a lull in conversation, you can always people-watch to avoid boredom. The museum is worth visiting as well.

Av. Libertador 1902 – Palermo – 4806-8639

For the Foodies / “Los de Buen Comer” – Paraje Arévalo

The prospect of a three-hour meal in a tiny little restaurant might be daunting to some, but it’s an experience guaranteed to be enjoyed by anyone who likes to try new things. The setting is quiet and romantic, the service amazing, and the food is creative and delicious enough to inspire quality conversation. Like Bengal, it’s not necessarily a budget-friendly option, but it will be well worth the cost.

Arévalo 1502 – Palermo Hollywood – 4775-7759

Romantic, but not Overkill – Novecento

I love Novecento for its location in Las Cañitas – it’s situated on a nice little corner but you’re steps from tons of bars and other random spots. The food is actually quite good, and the tables inside are illuminated by simple white tapers that set a nice mood. But before things start to feel too mushy, after dessert you can hop over to Lupita for a tequila-soaked cocktail or shake your booty at Mute. It says: “I’m a softie but I still know how to have fun.”

Báez 199 – Cañitas – 4778-1900

Where would you take someone on a first date in Buenos Aires?

Photo Credit: Edible Ink, Planeta Joy, Lost at E Minor, Elefante en un Bazar, Destemperados

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