Linky Links

ImageHappy Wednesday! It’s February. Wow. At least we can stop complaining about the hot weather now (doubtful) and start thinking about things like Valentine’s Day, Carnaval, and my dog’s birthday. All very important days, you can imagine.

Since I don’t have a long post prepared for you today, I thought I would send you on your linky ways throughout the interwebs:

Planeta Joy – The 10 Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires with Great Views

Planeta Joy – 5 Restaurants for a Lovely Sidewalk Dinner

BBC Travel – New Dining Concepts in Buenos Aires: Fuudis (Can’t wait to try it!)

Also let’s clap it up for Pick Up The Fork, featured in last week’s Clarín!

NOLA Chef’s Deals on Meals: Black Beans & Rice (one of my favorite dishes)

(Don’t you love when the kioskos charge you extra just to have a cold drink on a sweltering hot day? Yeah, me too)


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