Chinese New Year in Buenos Aires

It’s time to get festive, folks! Chinese New Year is upon us! If you want to celebrate the Year of the Dragon in Buenos Aires, you won’t have too hard a time finding something to do. Barrio Chino will have a weekend-long rager full of food stands, random shows, and of course bazillions of people (60,000 to be exact) shoving their way down Arribeños. Woo-hoo! On both Saturday and Sunday* you’ll find more than plenty to do starting at the entrance to Chinatown, right at Arribeños & Juramento, across from the train tracks in Belgrano.

Oasis Collections asked POKE-tastic Chef/Owner Mychael about his favorite Barrio Chino spots for culinary delights. Click the link for the full article, but he mentions the requisite Asia Oriental market for crazy fresh seafood (and a great food counter) as well as the mother of all markets, Casa China, that offers something for everyone (even the wimps).

If crowds aren’t your thing (I went for the first time last year and almost had a panic attack. I’d advise to go early or just grin and bare it), you can always have a Chinese-themed dinner party in the comfort of your own home (and air conditioning). The best part? You can head to the markets in Barrio Chino today to beat the rush and get all the ingredients you need! Here are some recipe ideas from around the web:

Orange Peel Shrimp
Cantonese Beef, a tofu dish, and a chicken & bok choy stir fry
BBC’s Chinese Recipe page
The Lost Asian

Happy New Year!

*Saturday, from 3pm & Sunday from 10am

Photo Credit: Home Hotel


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