The List Keeps Growing

I’m a list maker. I jot down grocery lists on the backs of envelopes, I detail books I want to read on post-its, and I fill up my calendars with random To-Do’s and other essentials. So it wasn’t really a surprise that I found myself on New Year’s Day jotting down all of the BA restaurants (new or just new to me) that I insist on finally trying this year.

We’re all creatures of habit; I could eat at Bengal every night and be happy. It’s easy to fall into a rut, but I vow to stop being lazy and to check out the places that have generated some serious buzz (or that just look really delicious). I need to thank The Lost Asian and Pick Up the Fork for making me drool with their amazing photos and reviews. If only I had the deep pockets to feed my addiction, then we’d really be in business.

Here is my (incomplete) list:

La Panza Porteña’s 2012 Food Binge

HG Hernán Gipponi at the Fierro Hotel
Café San Juan (how have I never been here? Hype or not, I’m going)
M Buenos Aires
Las Pizarras
El Almacén de los Milagros (going tonight, zing!)
Marfa (Might have to set up an “apartment” in a janitor’s closet so they’ll deliver to me)
Siamo Nel Forno
Hong Kong Style
El Cocoroco
Cucina Paradiso
Moreneta de Montserrat
Barrio Coreano in general

Where are you hoping to chow down in the new year?

Photo Credit: Business Insider, Viaje Aquí


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