It’s So Damn Hot.

It has begun. We got a break from the heat the past week or so, but today its insufferable presence was known. Not only is BA a ghost town this time of year, it’s also a veritable oven. This isn’t new, of course, but it still manages to shock the crap out of me when I sweat just going from the kitchen to the living room.

So this heat combined with the post-holiday self loathing makes me want to be kind to my body. The fact that my jeans are really tight don’t help either. Let’s start the year off right (while it lasts) and pretend we’ll be on a liquid diet for the next week or so. What should we be drinking?

-Any juice or licuado from Pura Vida. My favorite juice (for obvious reasons): Saca Resaca and my favorite licuado: Banana Berry. New additions to the PV menu are the chicha morada and the agua hibiscus – that photo makes me want to chug gallons right now. You can get it Monday-Friday at Pura Vida – Reconquista 516.

Oui Oui was the first to cool off the porteño palate with their minty lemonade, and now everyone else has followed suit. There’s a reason: it’s deleeeeeesh. Blended and frothy, it’s the perfect drink for a hot day. It’s easy to make at home, but when you can order it at Oui Oui with a nutella crepe, the choice is pretty obvious. Nicaragua 6068.

Quimbombó has one of the best drink menus in the city. I’m abnormally obsessed with their frozen slushy bits of heaven – and they’re perfect on a sunny day as you sit on the rooftop overlooking Plaza Armenia. My favorite is the Pomelo Rosado which has lots of grapefruit, mint, ginger and lemon, but there are tons of options so it’s impossible not to find something you like. Costa Rica 4562.

Natural Deli, Mama Racha, Mark’s Cafe are also good spots to pop in for a cold drink if you want to stop sweating like a pig. Or I am I the only one with a sweating problem here? Too much? Give me a break, I’m suffering from heat stroke.

Photo Credit: Pura Vida, Eterna Buenos Aires, Quimbombo


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