New Year’s Eve in Buenos Aires

Christmas is behind us, and with it the suckling pig, artificial trees and non-creatively wrapped presents. Next up on the celebration calendar? New Year’s Eve, por supuesto. If you’re still scrambling around to find something fun and different to do, you’ve come to the right place. No, not my house, although I will be celebrating here (I’m a poor misanthrope, so what?)

Oasis will be hosting a grand fete at their Clubhouse from 9pm to 3am. Reservations are a must. There will be an open bar, champagne toast at midnight, food and a DJ. The cost is US$195, tables from US$1,500. Ok, so if you reserve a table and, um, need a buddy, um, I’d be glad to join you. (Oh the pitfalls of being part of the 99%). Costa Rica 4651.

The lovely folks at the Fierro Hotel have compiled an interesting list of restaurants around town that will be hosting dinners and parties on the 31st. Their own HG restaurant will be hosting both a dinner and a brunch – US$175 for dinner, AR$150 for brunch – to ring in 2012 with a happy belly. Soler 5862.

Sipan will be hosting a bash at their location in the Palermitano Hotel, next to Casa Cruz and Bar Isabel. The dinner includes drinks and live music and costs US$250. If you want tickets to the party happening afterward at Isabel pony up US$330 and you’re good to go.

Casa Cruz and their big gold doors will offer a tasting menu as well as wine pairings and a champagne toast. Reservations to be made in advance; the cost is US$240 per person. Uriarte 1658.

Las Pizarras in Palermo is a little bistro that serves up gourmet delicacies in an intimate setting. The four course New Year’s Eve meal will set you back US$80 and comes with high-end wine pairings as well as champagne. Thames 2296.

Tegui will open its graffiti-covered doors for an Año Nuevo bash. The five course meal costs US$240 and will include party favors to kick things off after the ball drops. Costa Rica 5852.

Magdalena’s Party in Palermo Soho will be serving a special menu followed by a rager after midnight. Great atmosphere, fun people and you can be sure that your wallet won’t be empty by the end of the night. Email JD to reserve your spot. Thames & Costa Rica.

Be sure to check out the full list as well as more ideas on how to say chau to 2011 in style. Planeta Joy has 15 ideas to add to the mix. The Argentina Independent also has a nice write-up to give you more info or ideas. Many of the restaurants I mentioned in my Christmas Dinner post are hosting similar events on December 31st. If all else fails, invite some friends over for champagne, buy some sparklers and try to get your hands on a pair of those bizarre “2012” sunglasses. (Or you could aspire to look like the people photographed below).


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