Hay Que Ir… to the Bookstore for this Gem

Hello friends. It’s Monday and I totally blanked out on a post for your lovely little selves. Sorry about that. I’m blaming my massive Christmas hangover and subsequent staycation at Mio in Recoleta on that.

Instead of doing an Argie Chefs post – I’m failing you! – I thought I would tell you about a book that you have to buy yourselves while you’re here in Buenos Aires. We’ve all read (and loved) Time Out, Guía Oleo and Planeta Joy when it comes to fun and creative ideas for places to eat …. But this little black book has breathed new life into my restaurant “must-try” list. It’s called “Hay Que Ir” and has 128 restaurants from all over Buenos Aires ready to tempt your palate.

There are fun little facts scattered throughout and the information is displayed easily and clearly. Restaurants are ranked out of 100 points on a mix of food, service and ambiance. I like that they’ve gone a bit off the proverbial beaten path and recommend places that other guides might not animarse a probar. Yes, Spanish was necessary there.

Anyway, do yourselves a favor and pick it up. AR$65 and you can buy it online at Cúspide or Gourmand Place. It should be available in all bookstores though. You can also read more about it from a blog post in La Nación. Happy eating!



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