La Panza’s Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is in less than 10 days and I’m finding it hard to get in the spirit. Yes, my little fake tree is actually looking quite festive this year, but other than the fact that I’ve stapled stockings (smuggled in from Target, woo) to the living room wall there isn’t much else going on. If I knew how to light my oven without burning off my eyebrows, perhaps there would be some Christmas cookies a-baking. So let’s just go full on with our holiday fantasies and enjoy this wishlist that I’ve devised…

1. Badass Knife Set – This is self-explanatory. My knives currently suck. I would like these, please.2. KitchenAid Stand mixer – Cliché? Probs. But I want this. And I want it now. 3. A Day at El Bulli – Must-have tome for the food obsessed. 4. Food Porny Restaurant Tour – This isn’t a tangible thing but I want it anyway. I want to eat at places like Blue Hill at Stone Farms, Alinea, The French Laundry, Son of a Gun... the list goes on. Obviously I want to go back in time and eat at elBulli (commence shame spiral now). 4.1 Local Food Porny Restaurant Tour – Before traipsing the globe to fill my tumtum let’s start in Buenos Aires, shall we? Dying to stuff my face at HG at the Fierro Hotel, El Almacén de los Milagros, Paraje Arévalo, etc.

5. Urban Rooftop Garden Makeover – Our terraces are full of plant life – mint, succulents, hibiscus, gardenias, random trees – but I really want to get my act together and have a little garden that looks like this photo. I know I could do it but I’m lazy. So maybe this gift would come with a garden minion to help things along.

Photo Credit: Random NewspaperWilliams-Sonoma, Amazon, elBulli, Urban Garden Casual


5 thoughts on “La Panza’s Christmas Wishlist

  1. Soooo love the photo and especially the idea of a garden minion. If you find where to get one, let me know. And…if you come to NYC, Brandi and Micahel can help with the food tour!

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