Review: Quiero Bagel

We’ve all been there – hungover and starving on a Saturday morning, visualizing the perfect bacon, egg & cheese bagel sandwich, greasy and smothered in hot sauce. Mmmmmm. Salvation. Then we feel the jolt back to reality – our fridge is empty, save for some wilted arugula, questionable jelly and a bag of milk (I will never understand that). What to do?

In a city that loves its pastries and bread products, it’s hard to accept that bagels aren’t as ubiquitous as they are back home (for most of us). Given that BA is the perfect breeding ground for a creative entrepreneur, enter Quiero Bagel: offering us “the taste of New York in Buenos Aires.” Diego heads up this amazeballs operation that delivers little bundles of bagel joy to your door, no matter where you live! You don’t even need to put on pants to get your bagel fix. It’s a win-win situation.

Ordering online is quick & easy – and luckily all orders can be tweaked and customized to your taste – and deliveries are brought right to your door 7 days a week. They offer a whole host of flavors (onion, everything, sunflower seed, even pizza bagels!) and come in three sizes: Regular, Medium & Mini. To preserve flavor, the bagels are pre-frozen (and even travel in a mini-freezer in the car!) so you don’t have to worry about having to eat a dozen bagels in the next 36 hours. 15 minutes in a low oven and bam! It’s bagel time.

The prices are super accessible, a steal even, given the quality of what you’re about to stuff in your mouth. A dozen assorted bagels will run you just AR$50; 2 dozen medium bagels (assorted) will set you back just AR$80. Considering what you’ll find yourself paying for one lunch at a typical Palermo restaurant, you might as well subsist on bagels & happiness from here on out. Inflation is a cruel mistress.

We had a nice selection to try – poppy seed, sesame, and plain. The bagels are clearly labeled and sealed in several layers of plastic to avoid freezer burn and other weird things that happen at sub-zero temps.

I tried each of the 3 bagels on separate occasions, starting with the sesame. It was delicious and crispy (perhaps too crispy since I didn’t put my toaster oven on the lowest temp, derrr) and brought me back to the days when bagel breakfasts were an integral part of my life. With a nice healthy schmear of Philadelphia (that’s right, I went big time. No Finlandia for me) it was a little bit of heaven. Unfortunately some of the sesame seeds came off when I was slicing the bagel but I think it’s because the temperature was too high when I defrosted it. I ate this puppy so fast I didn’t even have time to take a photo of it. Sorry I’m not sorry.

A few days later I had a hankering for a bagel sandwich and used the poppy seed as my base for a turkey, tomato & guac creation. This time I didn’t overtoast it and the bagel turned out just right. With some deli turkey (would have preferred the real deal roasted but I’m lazy), fresh tomato and homemade spicy guacamole, it was a welcome change from my usual lunch of empanadas and/or cereal. Just don’t eat this bagel if you’re trying to go see the bushmen, or J. Peterman will think you’re an opium addict.

My last bagel endeavor was a nice way to round out my carboloading: a plain bagel with some cream cheese and a drizzle of honey. By this point I had perfected the defrosting/toasting technique and managed to get a nice golden outside with a warm doughy inside. The honey brought out some good flavors in the bagel and I had to restrain myself from eating 2 more. This is where the obligatory 15 minute toasting time comes in handy – before you eat yourself into oblivion you have time to consider the consequences.

Overall I was thrilled with Quiero Bagel – Diego is such a cool guy who has traveled near and far and is dedicated to getting the porteños to love bagels as much as the rest of the world. He believes in making a quality product and accompanies that with friendly costumer service; it sort of becomes a no-brainer to keep on ordering bagels once your first dozen runs out.

Their website is easy to navigate and describes all of their flavors and a whole host of options at the time of placing your order. You can check out their Facebook community and their blog – El Blog de los Bagels – to get more info and get involved.



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