Monday Mashup

Because who doesn't love a bunch of French bulldogs?

Happy Cyber Monday everyone! (Wanna cyber? Okthanksbye) I’ll be back in Buenos Aires at the end of the week which is exciting, although that means I’ve been distracted getting lots of things done before I have to head back to Crazytown.

In lieu of an Argie Chefs post today, let’s just throw everything together into a random post filled with goodies (much like I’ve been doing with Thanksgiving leftovers – everything in a bowl, into the microwave, and bam! lunch/breakfast/snack is served).

First up: Two Thanksgiving related posts. I know, I know. Thanksgiving is OVER. Too bad. We’re reliving it, people. Planeta Joy did a play-by-play of dinner at Magdalena’s Party & Pick Up the Fork helped you have a Porteño Thanksgiving.

2nd: Casa Mun has big plans for the new year. They’ll be moving from their original space into a new, posh Soho spot to be shared with Anuva wines. They posted this photo on Facebook to make us all excited and tingly as we await February 2012. Congratulations!



Tercero: A nice post from Sorrel “Where’s the F-in Fish?” – she chats with English chef Ian Wood – about the difficulty in finding certain food/drink items in the Arg. We can all relate.

Fourth: Andrew Zimmern came to Buenos Aires to film Bizarre Foods? Who woulda thought? I guess eating cow brains and intestines is pretty bizarre. Here’s the link to the YouTube videos. I still find him incredibly annoying. He wears socks with sandals, mmk?

Photo Credit: Pinterest


3 thoughts on “Monday Mashup

  1. Happy monday! Thanks for putting a link on your website to my blog where I posted the videos of Bizarre Foods. Originally I saw the episode on TV and then searched to see if anyone had put them up on Youtube so I could put them on my blogsite for my fans and viewers. It is an interesting episode that takes you off the well worn path.

    Just wanted you to know that on my other blogsite, I put up the episode where Anthony Bourdain of “No Reservations” comes to Argentina Enjoy!

    • I was so bummed that Tony didn’t have the best time in Argentina. Given that he’s such a carnivore I thought it was odd that he was disturbed by the massive asado. He liked Uruguay more !! I object. Thanks for the comment!

      • you are very welcome! Keep up the good blogging! I don’t do food blogging so I am beyond appreciative of so many of you out there that are taking on the massive task of keeping us up to date with the world of food in BA. besitos!

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