Operation Obese: Autumn in the US

I’ve been home a little more than 24 hours and am well on my way to gastro bliss thanks to my busy eating schedule. After a long flight (didn’t sleep on the plane, argh) I kind of passed out like a zombie but woke up ready and raring to go. As in, “Let’s head to the taco truck down in Arlington and stuff our faces with fresh chicken tacos and horchata.” So we did. I didn’t take any photos because I was too busy stuffing my face. But believe me when I say it was heaven on Earth. I could hook up an IV to horchata and have it coursing through my veins on the regular. I would buy liters of that fresh hot sauce that I poured all over my tacos. Hell, I might look into renting that truck out just to have it on call 24/7.

What else have I been eating? A delicious red curry with mussels, clams and prawns served with cilantro jasmine rice. Indian buffet, aka total food domination – chicken tikka masala, mattar paneer, saag paneer, curried veg, korma …. rice pudding …. I look pregnant but that’s fine. My little food baby is alive and well.

It’s always a bit strange adjusting to life back in the US but knowing that my jeans will fit a little bit tighter because of my binge-friendly lifestyle, all is right with the world.

Tonight I’m headed to Zaytinya – one of my all-time favorite DC spots – and have more foodgasm-y places planned for the rest of my trip. It’s also nice to see real fall foliage for the first time in four years.

Photo Credit: The Citrus Report


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