Argie Chefs: Donato de Santis

Ok so this guy was actually born and raised in Italy (Milan and La Puglia), but Donato de Santis has been living in Buenos Aires since 2000 so let’s just skim over the details, shall we?

Donato has worked all over the world, spending many years in the US (LA, Chicago, Santa Monica) and enjoyed the privileged position as Gianni Versace’s personal chef in both Miami and NYC. Not a bad gig. He is best known for Italian cuisine, duh, and his little restaurant/deli Cucina Paradiso has been buzzing with hype since its opening a few years back. Donato is one of the featured chefs on El Gourmet tv channel; twice he’s won a Martín Fierro award for his culinary shows. Cucina Paradiso won the Guía Oleo 2011 award for Best Italian Restaurant (and it’s not even open past 8 PM. Pretty badass.)

Whether you live in BA or are just visiting, you’d be a dope not to visit Cucina Paradiso for an Italian deli experience. You’ll be able to sample delicious antipasto, pastas caseras, creamy polenta, different kinds of paninis and other treats. If you’re in a rush, just head to the deli section and pick up some fresh bread, Italian desserts, homemade pasta sauces, etc. The restaurant doesn’t take reservations and there aren’t many tables, so be prepared to wait and/or fight someone for a seat (in the best way possible of course). It’s located in Palermo on Arévalo 1538. Open from Monday to Saturday, 9 am – 8 pm. Telephone: 4770-9406. If you’re lucky the Chef himself will be behind the counter, whipping up fresh pastas and other delicatessen delights.

Follow him on Twitter here, if you’re so inclined.

If you wanna bring a little Donnie into your own kitchen, you can pick up any of his four cookbooks: Mi Cocina Italiana, Donato per Bambini, Fatto in Casa, & Cucina Paradiso.

Photo Credit: Cucina Paradiso


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