Sucre Celebrates 10 Years

Ten years is a long time for a restaurant to stay open in any city, let alone Buenos Aires where turnover (especially in areas like Palermo) can happen in a blink of an eye. While staying open for a decade is a feat in and of itself, it’s most important if the spot stays relevant, current and maintains both quality food and service. Luckily this is the case for Sucre, one of BA’s standout spots that set the bar very high for subsequent restaurants.

Located in Belgrano (my favorite barrio), Sucre reminded me of Manhattan the first time I dined there way back in 2007. … High ceilings, a two-story illuminated bar, an open kitchen and a huge wine cellar plopped right in the middle of everything; the space itself is sleek and stunning. It’s sort of a mix of industrial minimal with sexy beautiful people – a description that doesn’t make sense but definitely makes an impact when you arrive. The place is always busy – expect to wait until almost midnight to be seated on the weekends – and there’s this general buzz in the air that makes you wonder if the people at the neighboring table aren’t famous (or just D-List Argentine TV stars, which can be equally fun to people-watch).

The wine list is impressive – around 5,000 bottles of 400+ labels – and includes imported wines from France, Spain and Italy (not common in many restaurants here). The bar serves up drinks as delicious as the cocktails from Gran Bar Danzón – not a surprise since they share an owner. Dishes are described as “Modern Argentine” and range from meaty delights like Patagonian lamb or huge chunks of steak to creamy risottos and homemade pastas. Your meal won’t be cheap, but you’re sure to leave feeling a little more sophisticated and fabulous than when you walked in.

To celebrate its decade of fabulosity, Sucre will be putting on the ritz (?? did I just write that?) with a special menu and wine pairings this week (click to enlarge): Cost – AR$190 if you go with the Trumpeter wines, AR$240 if you roll fancy with Rutini. Definitely more expensive than a typical night of pizza and empanadas, but worth it if you a) love Sucre and want to stuff your face in their honor, or b) have never been and want to see what the fuss is all about.

So head on over to Patio Bullrich, pick yourself up a fancy new outfit that can keep up with the model types who always seem to linger at Sucre’s bar, and make your reservation for this week. Feliz Cumple!

Sucre – Sucre 676, Belgrano – 4782-9082



Photo Credits: Halfbreed Outlaw, Sucre, La Chilenguita


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