Yearning for Candy

Halloween isn’t totally ignored here in BA. In fact, there were quite a few parties going on last night. But it’s just not the same – not everyone dresses up, and those who do haven’t spent weeks/months planning the best costume (wait, am I the only one who did that? Side note: I am proud of the fact that in college my roommates and I came up with some pretty damn witty and creative group costumes).

Last night while we were at Magdalena’s Party for a little fiesta, I stuffed my face with palitos de la selva (one of my favorite local golosinas) but what I was really craving was THIS:

CANDY !!!! Specifically infinite amounts of Tootsie Rolls, Almond Joy, and enough Candy Corn to rot all of the teeth out of my head. Or give me the worst stomachache of life because I don’t know the meaning of moderation.

Argentines love their sugar highs, so you can get a pretty wide range of candy around here. But it’s when Halloween rolls around that I want the real deal. Until I’m home in the States in a few weeks, when I can binge on leftover Halloween treats in the CVS clearance aisle, I’ll just have to lick my computer screen and deal with it.

Photo Credit: Babble Blog


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